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Prayer Points: 8 Chanukah themes to ignite your prayers

December 06, 2023

Chanukah starts tomorrow!

During this season of the eight-day Festival of Lights, we can reflect on Chanukah’s origins and how it’s celebrated in our day. For the purpose of prayer, however, let’s reflect on some of Chanukah’s themes as a way to ignite our prayers.

Here are some themes that will feel very familiar to you, considering our world today, and some related prayer points. Please pray for the following:

LIGHT TO OVERCOME DARKNESS: Pray for God’s truth and light, especially in the Person of Yeshua, to overcome the rampant deception and darkness currently being unleashed and exposed.

  • Those trapped in the deepest and darkest of false ideologies and demonic deception to be overcome by Yeshua’s (Jesus’) Gospel light and freed into truth and new life
  • The media, society, the Nations, and even churches, to be freed from whatever ways they’ve been swept up into false narratives and outright lies regarding God, Israel and the Jewish people
  • Believers in Israel and around the world to be salt and light to their family members, friends, and others they encounter
  • Divine encounters with Jewish people in this time when they are so troubled by what’s happening around them. May the truth of the Messiah and the light of His love be apparent through Believers, lighting the way to salvation for thousands upon thousands

ANTI-SEMITISM — Yes, that is one of Chanukah’s biggest themes!

  • The world to see anti-Semitism for what it truly is and stand against it
  • The Body Body of Messiah to understand that anti-Semitism is not just an ideology or form of prejudice, but it is an expression of the anti-Messiah (anti-Christ) spirit operating against God’s Chosen People
  • PROTECTION of Jewish people everywhere, including during Chanukah when there are celebrations and observances both at home and in public
  • PROVISION — Just like the oil that lasted eight days, pray for the Lord’s provision of all necessary resources for those fighting against terrorism and evil in whatever forms it takes
  • MIRACLES on the front lines, in the trenches, for those serving and ministering. May we see miracles in Israel and even on a global scale beyond what we could imagine

OIL represents the Holy Spirit, and in the miracle of Chanukah, it didn’t run out. Pray for Believers to be:

  • In the Word, in prayer, and continually seeking to be filled with the Holy Spirit
  • Like the five wise virgins, fully prepared for what’s ahead and not found sleeping

WAGING WAR WELL — The Maccabees were a small group waging war against a huge anti-God force. In our time, it can feel as if the world has gone mad and turned against God en masse:

  • May we not rely on our own power or might but rely on the Holy Spirit
  • May we remember we are not fighting against flesh and blood but against principalities, powers, rulers of darkness of this world, and against spiritual wickedness
  • May we “suit up” daily in the armor of God and allow Psalm 91, Psalm 27, and other equipping Scriptures to go down deep into our spirits, building our faith and making us strong in the Lord and the power of His might

DEDICATION — At the time of the Maccabees, the Temple had been horribly defiled, and they were committed to its cleansing and rededication. As the Lord’s temple ourselves, pray for Believers to:

  • Continually examine and guard our hearts, as well as our thoughts and actions, purposing again and always to follow the Lord
  • Count the cost — of being a whole-hearted follower of Yeshua, of speaking out on behalf of Israel and the Jewish people, of supporting Believers in the Land and getting the Good News out to as many Jewish people as possible — and rededicate ourselves to Him

Let's pray!

Lord, even during this wonderful Festival of Lights of Chanukah, we know we live in such dark days. May we continually remember that the darkness will NOT overcome the light. May we be faithful to pray the Light of the World, Jesus, into every dark corner of the globe. And Lord, would You shine the Light of the Gospel into the hearts of people everywhere, including and especially Your Jewish people. May those throughout the world who are walking in darkness truly see and receive the great Light of the world, Yeshua, this Chanukah season. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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