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Prayer Points: Here’s a summer snapshot of prayer needs

July 19, 2023

A snapshot of things to pray about this summer

This Prayer Points is a summer snapshot of some things we invite you to pray about during the next several months.  A lot goes on in every season here at Jewish Voice, but summer offers a unique opportunity to look at what has already taken place in the year and what’s yet to come. It’s a great time for a mid-year check-in. Join us in praying for some of the things that are going on with us this summer:

  • Although there are no Outreaches during the rest of the summer, we’re planning the ones coming up this fall.
    • Pray for confirmation regarding specific locations, dates and details
    • Ask the Lord for deep rest and renewal this summer for our Global Outreach team so they can be refreshed and ready for these next Outreaches
  • We plan to do some investigative travel this summer in areas completely new to Jewish Voice Ministries to see if we could do future Outreaches there.
    • Pray for protection and favor everywhere and in every circumstance as we travel and explore the potential for Outreaches
    • Please also pray that the Lord will lead us to divine connections and guide us regarding reaching out to new people groups
  • We’ve recently added several new team members to our Jewish Voice Ministries USA staff.
    • Pray for the Lord to powerfully use them as they align themselves with our mission and vision, using their gifting and experience to contribute to the work of the ministry
    • Pray also for them and their families as they acclimate to the intensity and even spiritual warfare that comes with reaching out to Jewish people in the name of Yeshua (Jesus)
  • We know that we can accomplish nothing without honoring the Lord with our worship and calling on Him in prayer. We are praying for expansion in these two areas this summer.
    • Pray for the establishment of more worship and prayer opportunities here at our headquarters that will flood the atmosphere and ultimately impact nations as the Lord receives our worship and answers our prayers
    • Pray for many more to join us in prayer through the Prayer Points emails, prayer webinars, 24-7 Prayer Watch schedule and onsite prayer meetings
  • Summer is a time when many take a break. Our staff is no exception, and many on our team will be taking time off at some point this summer
    • Please pray for abundant restoration from the rigors of travel for all our traveling staff, not just those who go on Outreaches but also for those who make congregational trips to Africa, out-of-state speaking engagements and partner visits in other regions
    • Pray for rest and refreshment from the intensity of ministry for all our team members, including wonderful times with family and friends and extended renewal in the Lord’s presence

We hope that amid your summer plans, you will continue to pray for us. We are increasingly aware of the urgency of the times in which we live, the need for all Israel to be saved, and for the Church to be engaged in God’s heart for His people. We need and value your prayers so much as we press on in the Lord. Thank you.

Let’s Pray

Lord, please bless our dear partners, who continually lift up Your Chosen People and Jewish Voice Ministries in prayer. May they themselves receive the blessings we and they pray for our ministry: blessings of guidance, protection, health, enriching family relationships and friendships, and rest and refreshment in You. And we pray you will bless them with every spiritual blessing in the Messiah according to Ephesians 1:3. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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