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Prayer Points: Israel really needs your prayers

April 12, 2023

Israel is under ongoing persecution and opposition from the enemy, who looks for any opportunity to come against God’s Chosen People. He knows that the fulfillment of their destiny in Messiah will impact the world, so he does whatever he can to hinder them from believing Jesus is the Messiah and stepping into their calling as a light to the nations.

Here are a few things we are praying for Israel and the Jewish people. Join us as we:

Pray for the Government and People of Israel as situations have been evolving so rapidly over the last weeks.

  • For the government to seek the Lord and His wisdom even if they are not Believers
  • For God’s righteousness, justice and shalom to prevail
  • Protection against the enemy who schemes against God’s purposes for His people

Pray for the Body of Messiah in Israel

Messianic Jewish Believers and Christians have been rocked in recent months by potential threats and actual incidents. Turmoil is dividing people, and uncertainty and tragedy are causing fear. Even Believers are divided at times, and the grace and healing of the Lord are desperately needed. Pray for:

  • Believers in the Land to be strong in the Lord and the power of His might, trusting Him with their government, nation, families, neighbors and congregations
  • Leaders of congregations and ministries to have an abundance of grace from the Lord as they shepherd those in their care through difficult issues and times
  • The continued ability and boldness to share the Gospel freely; and for the Lord to lead Believers to hungry seekers among the many in Israel who are ready and waiting to hear more about Yeshua (Jesus)
  • Unity to grow among Messianic Jewish, Arab Christians and all Believers in the Land

Pray for Young Adults in Israel

  • The Lord to touch the hearts of young unbelievers and reveal the truth about who He is so they receive Him gladly; and for them to be connected quickly with other Believers who can encourage and disciple them
  • Believing Jewish Israeli young people to come into the fullness of their Jewish identity in the Messiah and become a light to the nations
  • Devoted young Jewish believers from Israel to join Jewish Voice in taking the light of the Good News to fellow Jewish people in the nations

In one of our next Prayer Points, we will invite all our Jewish Voice partners to engage in an upcoming intensified and focused season of prayer for Israel and the Jewish people. You can prepare now by asking the Lord to help you be ready to respond when the invitation comes!

Let’s Pray

Lord, let us not slack off in vigilant prayer for Your people and Your Land. You are moving among Your people and calling them to Yourself! We are eager to see the answers to our prayers, knowing that You watch over Your Land and people with unceasing love. In Yeshua’s name, AMEN.

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