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Prayer Points: Our Return to Zambia

May 10, 2023

Pray with us for our second Medical Outreach to Zambia

We are so excited to return to Zambia for our second Outreach! This time we will be taking our largest group of Outreach volunteers since before COVID-19.

We were in Zambia’s Mumbwa region last October, our first Outreach in a new country in 10 years. We saw a high percentage of Lemba Jewish people coming through the Clinic and prayer room, and we came home with many praise reports. That was just seven months ago, and since then, three new Messianic Jewish congregations have formed!  

We look forward to ministering with and among these wonderful people again. We don’t want to take those recent blessings for granted, so we ask for your full prayer support once again. Here’s how you can help:

  • Pray through the detailed day-by-day Prayer Points below
  • You can also commit to a specific time slot to pray for us from home during the Outreach. SIGN UP on our Prayer Schedule, referring to the dates below.

Please pray for our Zambia Medical Outreach:

Wednesday, May 10–Wednesday, May 17| Isaiah 40:3

  • All preparations such as visas, medical supplies, team unity and community relationships to come together and be fully in place in good time
  • The Medical Clinic site to be ready for thousands to receive care from the Lord
  • Growing relationships between Zambian and Zimbabwean leaders and congregations who are partnering with us for this Outreach

Thursday, May 18| 3 John 1:2

  • Protection, health, safety and favor as our team and partners prepare and travel
  • All luggage to arrive in good condition and on time with our partners
  • Spiritual preparation for each partner, medical and staff team members, enabling them to bring the light of the Gospel and stand strong in the full armor God provides

Friday, May 19 | Philippians 2:2

  • Unity among partners and staff members as they begin to bond in preparation for ministering together
  • A restful evening and Shabbat dinner following the rigors of travel along with good sleep Friday night and throughout the week
  • The Lord to give our team wisdom, favor, discernment and protection regarding any unique factors, conditions or timeframe in this location

Saturday, May 20 | 2 Corinthians 10:3–5

  • A good time of encouragement and fellowship at Shabbat service with the local Messianic congregation Saturday morning
  • Orientations – for the Clinic and the Spiritual Care Ministry – to effectively equip everyone for ministry of all kinds
  • God to prepare the spiritual atmosphere and hearts of the people for this week of ministry
  • Spiritual forces of darkness to flee, making way for the King of Glory to come with salvation, healing and deliverance

Sunday, May 21 | John 6:37

  • Protection during travels to the Clinic location Sunday morning, including a timely arrival
  • Smooth set up at the Clinic for all elements of medical, dental and spiritual care departments, as well as for the Zehra Children’s Program
  • The Lord to bring many people for care and prayer when the Clinic opens early Sunday afternoon

Monday, May 22 | Psalm 77:14

  • Favor with the local authorities and community and that any “opposers” in the area become Believers in the one true God!
  • The Lord to move powerfully through the Gospel and the ministry of the Holy Spirit through miracles, signs and wonders
  • Daily morning prayer times to energize and focus the team, building faith and expectancy and cleansing the spiritual atmosphere for the activity of the Holy Spirit

Tuesday, May 23 | Colossians 3:23

  • The Spiritual Care tent to be a place where the presence of the Lord is experienced and many are saved, healed or delivered
  • Special grace and anointing on the Zehra Kid’s Program with many, many children learning about salvation and Jewish identity in Yeshua (Jesus), the Messiah
  • The Living Waters team, who will be going out into the community several times to distribute LifeStraws® and bring the Good News of Living Water in Jesus

Wednesday, May 24 | Daniel 11:32b

  • Effective medical and dental care and healing, including supernaturally as a testimony of God’s power and love
  • Special ministry opportunities and divine appointments from the Lord that will bear lasting fruit for the Kingdom
  • Spiritual strength and stamina for the team, renewed by intimacy with the Lord, fellowship with one another, and the joy of seeing God work firsthand

Thursday, May 25 | Luke 4:18

  • The ability to treat as many patients as possible on this last day of the Outreach and supernatural healing for those we are not able to see
  • Shalom as we say goodbye to local workers. May many of them come to know Yeshua
  • Safety and efficiency in packing up the Clinic after the last patient is seen

Friday, May 26 | Matthew 25:23

  • Many testimonies of the goodness of the Lord during the Outreach, shared during tonight’s Shabbat dinner
  • Each participant to know the pleasure of the Lord, hearing Him say, “Well done, good and faithful servant”
  • Safe travels home and a special outpouring of refreshment for our Global Outreach Director, who has been in the field many weeks already this year 

Saturday, May 28 and Beyond | 2 Peter 3:18

  • The week’s ministry to leave a lasting and eternal impact in the community through salvations, love, and provision
  • The Lord to continue working in this region of Zambia, bringing a great movement of His Holy Spirit among these dear people! 
  • Effective and timely follow-up to all who want to hear more about Yeshua
  •  The Lord to continue establishing His Kingdom in this and developing healthy congregations in this region of Zambia, including the three planted after our last Outreach

Let’s Pray

Lord, as familiar as it is for us to reach out to the Lemba people, Zambia is a different nation from Zimbabwe, full of new opportunities and challenges. Thank You for all the ways You helped us navigate them last fall. May this second Outreach be another example of Your desire to reach Your people with the Good News of Yeshua and bring healing and hope to the community, families and individuals You will send to us for Your care. In Jesus’ name, AMEN.

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