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Prayer Points: Pray for Israeli believers and ministry leaders

July 05, 2023

Encouraging and connecting Israeli ministry leaders

Recently, several key staff members from Jewish Voice Ministries were in Israel to visit with leaders from the ministries that Jewish Voice supports in the Land. It was a wonderful gathering! Most of the Messianic Jewish Believers in Israel know each other, but these leaders don’t have many opportunities to come together over a meal. It was a valuable and timely occasion for them to experience unity as a body, gathered in one place for fellowship.

With this wonderful event fresh in mind, we invite you to pray with us for the following key prayer points. Some of the requests have come out of this fellowship, but others are ongoing prayer needs for all those who minister in the Land.

Please pray:

  • We were struck by the many groups from diverse streams of Believers with varying ministry expressions in the Land.
    • Pray for unity and more opportunities for them to gather for fellowship and encouragement
  • Several who were present mentioned that this gathering provided an opportunity to connect and collaborate regarding some of their common ministry areas.
    • Pray this leads to more actual collaboration and effective partnerships
  • Leaders expressed appreciation for the opportunity to connect with brothers and sisters who don’t often cross paths and meet new fellow laborers.
    • Pray for old and new relationships to be grounded in Yeshua (Jesus) and grow, strengthening the Body in Israel
  • The Land of Israel continues to be in a season of extreme political divisions and threats of attack from within and without. The most recent escalation, like others before it, was deeply felt by Believers in the Land.
    • Pray that all who serve in the name of the Lord can minister even under adverse conditions
    • For every kind of protection over Believers as they minister in the various communities and also over their own homes and ministry/congregational locations

Please also pray for the following:

  • Favor for Messianic Jewish Believers, ministries and congregations amid widespread misunderstanding and opposition as to who they are and what they’re doing because of Yeshua
  • The Lord to provide vision, leadership, volunteers, and resources to do what He is calling each ministry and congregation to do
  • Spiritual stamina, encouragement and refreshment for all Believers, and especially Messianic Jewish ones, to stand strong amid the intensity of the spiritual battle in the Land

Let’s Pray

Lord, this gathering was a small expression of a big and powerful truth: “How good and how pleasant it is for brothers to dwell together in unity!” (Psalm 133:1). May the sweetness of this recent time of connection continue to encourage these leaders and draw them to You and each other. You are the One who has called these dear ones to minister in Israel, and You are able to strengthen them and provide for their every need. May unity and effective collaboration grow among the Believers in the Land, and may You be glorified by their love for one another and the fruit of their ministry.

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