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Prayer Points: Something big for you to pray about

August 16, 2023

Something big for you to pray about

We have something big coming up and really hope you will prepare our way through prayer! As we told you in a previous Prayer Points regarding ways to pray for us this summer, we plan to do some investigative travel over the next few weeks in areas entirely new for Jewish Voice Ministries to see if we could do future Outreaches there.

By new areas, we mean new nations where we have never ministered. And this would also mean new Jewish people groups that we have not had an opportunity to reach before. We are sobered by the difficulties in some of the new places the Lord is leading us to investigate, but excited for what it could mean for the Jewish people there if our exploratory trip results in ministry there at a later time.

Will this summer’s exploratory trip lead to actual Outreaches in the coming months or years? We certainly hope and pray so because we know there are Jewish people who need to hear a clear message of the love and salvation of Jesus. But we know that the way must be paved in prayer – your prayers – in alignment with the Lord’s declaration through Paul in Romans 11:26 that ultimately all Israel will be saved, including those in far-off lands whose tribal names and languages we’ve barely heard of.

So, will you please pray with and for us regarding this important exploratory trip? Here are some ways to pray:

  • Protection and favor everywhere and in every circumstance as we travel and explore the potential for new connections, locations and future Outreaches
  • Great wisdom and discernment from the Lord that will protect and guide us in where we go and who we meet with
  • Protection from spiritual warfare, opposition, and the schemes of the enemy as we do on-the-ground inquiry in new regions
  • Favor for us with our in-country connection, who in turn has connections with the leaders of the Jewish community we hope to serve
  • Divine appointments and favor with those community leaders – may we experience a genuine connection with them upon which to build relationships and open doors for ministry
  • An opportunity to fully hear the story of their people group and how they have retained their identity within their community
  • Hands-on, personal protection of the Lord upon the leaders from our ministry who will be on this trip and for their families at home

Please cover this exploratory trip in prayer over the next few weeks.

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Let’s Pray

Lord, we don’t send these prayer requests out lightly. We believe and know that You are providing real people of prayer and intercession who will cover our small team of leaders on this trip. We need Your protection, discernment and favor. We seek Your guidance and blessing as we endeavor to do Your will in reaching out to Jewish people wherever You lead us. Thank You, Lord. And thank You for those who cover us in prayer as they pray for Your people to know You. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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