Prayer Points

In the last Prayer Points, we shared some encouraging updates and new prayer requests regarding the Zehra drop-in program for children, which took place during our Dawro, Ethiopia, Medical Outreach in May. The Zehra (“seed” in Hebrew) program is working toward blessing children in several other ways as well. In addition to the Outreach drop-in program – where children can play and learn while their parents and families make their way through the Medical Clinic – there are other “Zehra seeds” (ministry opportunities) going on. Zehra Kids Education Program is Jewish Voice’s ministry umbrella over:

  • Weekly Shabbat School materials for children in Messianic congregations in Africa
  • Early Childhood Development Centers in areas where we minister
  • School Fee Assistance program
  • In-person school visits in communities where we conduct Outreaches, often taking place during our Outreaches

In this edition of Prayer Points, we want to highlight the Shabbat School program, and specifically the curriculum being developed for these weekly gatherings. We have partnered with another ministry to produce a customized curriculum series to meet the needs of the children and their teachers in Messianic Jewish congregations in Zimbabwe. We are so excited about the potential impact and long-range vision for these materials, not only for children but for entire families.

Will you please pray with us for:

  • The extensive planning involved in making the curriculum available
  • The sometimes-complex matter of delivering it to and reproducing it in remote rural areas where congregations often meet in rustic structures, under trees and in open fields
  • Distribution strategies to be both practical and cost-effective
  • The Lemba Children’s Coordinator and five regional coordinators who will oversee the curriculum’s distribution and use
  • Every child and family who will have the opportunity to know Jesus and God’s Word more deeply through these resources
  • Each person teaching and helping children believe and grow in their faith and identity
  • Spiritual protection over the children and the materials that will shine the light of Yeshua (Jesus) into their understanding

Let’s Pray

Lord, may You use this beautiful and truth-filled curriculum to personally touch the hearts of children and their families with Your love. May they come to know Jesus and be confident that they are deeply loved and valued by You. We ask for Your timing, strategies, favor and provision in getting these resources into the hands and hearts of these dear ones. Please multiply the curriculum’s effectiveness through our prayers. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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