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Prayer Points: We asked, you to pray, and God answered

September 27, 2023

We asked you to pray, and God answered!

We have an update full of praises! To celebrate, we are singing “Hine ma Tov,” based on Psalm 133.  Let’s jump into the update, and we’ll tell you why.

We asked you to pray for our Messianic Leadership Training trip to Ethiopia, which took place in the second half of August. The training theme was unity, and the song I mentioned above is Hebrew for “Behold how good and pleasing,” referencing the first words of Psalm 133 pertaining to unity between brothers.

The two staff Rabbis who led the teaching times returned with testimony of the wonderful unity they saw develop among the leaders of the five different groups gathered from various regions of Ethiopia. Some didn’t even speak the same language, but by the end of the sessions, they were united in fellowship in the love of Yeshua.

Here are some other praises:

  • Our newest staff Rabbi did an excellent job teaching, learning the history and culture, and connecting personally with leaders. This was a direct answer to your prayers
  • Each teacher had significant connections or experiences during their time there.
  • All the leaders we hoped would be able to attend arrived and returned safely to their home regions in Ethiopia. In fact, we had even more attendees than we had hoped for
  • What was taught was caught! Our Rabbis heard the leaders repeat some of the principles they learned and also saw them put into practice

And here are some requests coming out of this fruitful time. Please pray for:

  • Continued unity and growth among the members and leaders of these congregations in Ethiopia
  • An ongoing receptiveness to further training and counsel among the leaders so that they may be equipped to serve the needs of their members and the larger Jewish community
  • General safety and welfare of these brothers and sisters whom we partner with, especially for the Messianic Jewish leaders and members of the Jewish communities in troubled regions of Ethiopia
  • Particular grace, anointing and protection over leaders the Lord is raising up for key influence and expanding influence – for such a time as this
  • The Lord’s shalom in Ethiopia, in every area and among every people group
  • Ease and freedom in communicating with these leaders on a continuing basis, and that distance will not be an obstacle as we attempt to develop relationships and ongoing discipleship through virtual training

Celebrate with us as we pray!

Lord, it is indeed so good and so pleasant when brothers and sisters, especially those who are one in Yeshua, live together in unity! Even though many of these dear leaders come from different cultures and regions of Ethiopia, You are giving them a vision and desire for Kingdom unity and partnership. May the fruit from this time of teaching, fellowship and impartation spread throughout their regions and beyond, impacting Ethiopia and the entire continent of Africa. You are working wonders among Your people, and we praise You! In Jesus’ name, AMEN.

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