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Prayer Points: Would you pray for our children’s ministry?

March 31, 2023

Our team members have returned from our southern Ethiopia Outreach with stories of the wonderful things the Lord has done! Our Zehra Kid’s Program manager shared some great praises and prayer requests with us that we want to pass on to you, fresh from the field.

This Outreach provided more than 1,000 ministry opportunities with children through Zehra Kids! Another highlight was the birthing of a vision to expand the Zehra Kids Program to minister to young teens. Praise God with us over these things.

As exciting as these things are, some of the most significant moments this time for the Zehra Kids Program in Ethiopia occurred in the area of team formation and development.

The local three-member team of indigenous Believers who oversaw the Zehra program represented each of the three Jewish people groups we work with in Ethiopia. This was very symbolic. There was so much unity on this team of three leaders in their 30s and two younger assistants in their 20s.

Our Zehra Program manager had some significant mentoring opportunities with this team during the week. Her primary role on this trip was to invest in the Zehra leadership team while they ministered to the children, and it was a highlight and joy for her.

She also had a number of conversations and teaching opportunities to share about God’s heart and purposes for Israel and His Jewish people with this core leadership team and the other local workers who assisted with Zehra.

Your ongoing intercession for the Zehra Kids Program in Ethiopia is greatly appreciated. Please pray for the following:

  • Continued unity for the newly developed national children’s team in Ethiopia, composed of two men and one woman
  • The Holy Spirit to protectively seal the seeds sown into the hearts of the children who went through the Zehra program during our southern Ethiopia Outreach
  • Members of the local Zehra department staff who heard Romans 1:16 explained for the first time – that the priority to reach Jewish people with the Good News will continue to impact their personal walk with the Lord
  • The Lord’s leading in developing and expanding the Zehra program to include a division to minister to young teens
  • A growing and unified coalition of children’s ministry workers among the Messianic Jewish Believers and congregations in Ethiopia, stemming from the symbolism and unity of the three Zehra leaders being from the three tribes we minister among

Let’s Pray

Lord, we are so grateful for how You are expanding vision, birthing strategies, raising up young leaders, and forming a core team. We thank you for every child ministered to through Zehra during this Outreach and that those joining the work of Zehra would enable even more children to be ministered to in the years to come. In Yeshua’s name, AMEN.

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