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Prayer Points: You prayed, God answered

October 26, 2022

We have been so excited to see our Zehra Kid’s Program in full swing during several Outreaches this year! Although we don’t have a Zehra component to our Zambia Outreach (going on now) because it’s a new nation for us, we are particularly excited about all the Lord did through Zehra during our Dilla, Ethiopia, Outreach in September.

This Outreach coincided with our Jewish Voice staff Fall 2022 Week of Prayer and Fasting.  During that week of daily worship and prayer times, we missed our Global Outreach team members who were in Dilla and unable to participate with us at our U.S. headquarters.

On the other hand, we had excellent times of prayer for the Dilla Outreach, including the Zehra program. The Lord heard and answered those prayers — and we know He answered your prayers as well.

Here are some of the highlights in the form of praise to our God:

  • Even though one key, experienced Zehra team member was unable to attend the Outreach, the Lord put together an amazing team to facilitate the Zehra program
  • We were excited to see the Lord develop a team of indigenous Jewish leaders who are anointed to minister to children
  • There was great unity among the team members
  • Among themselves and with the children, they championed the fullness of Jewish identity in the Messiah and the importance of Israel
  • The children were very open and highly engaged with the program

  • Once again, the Shema curriculum, coloring pages and other activities were a huge success and readily enjoyed and embraced by the children
  • The Shema song, written by two of our team members to go with the Zehra Shema curriculum, was sung loud and clear many times throughout the week. The children loved learning it and, no doubt, are still singing it

There were over 1,000 ministry opportunities with children during the Dilla, Ethiopia, Outreach week, thanks to the Zehra Kids Program and your faithful prayers.

Let’s thank the Lord and pray the Zehra Kids Program forward into 2023

Lord, we praise and thank You for the wonderful encounters that the children of Dilla had with our team and, most of all, with You. You answered all our prayers, even beyond our hopes. There was such great joy that we know it was a direct expression of your presence in the middle of all the fun and activity. Thank You for each child – and adult – who heard the Shema for the first time and received an understanding of its meaning. Thank You for each one who learned that, because of Yeshua (Jesus), they can now enter into a relationship with You and pray to You and hear You.


Thank You for the growing development of an indigenous leadership team for the Zehra program in Ethiopia. We praise You and ask for favor regarding 2023 Outreach ministry in schools and other divine opportunities for children to be blessed by getting to know You better through Zehra. Continue to water every seed* planted in these precious young hearts and minds, for their salvation and blessing and for Your glory. In Jesus’ name, AMEN!

*Zehra means seed in Hebrew – see Zechariah 8:12

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