Next week Jewish People will celebrate Passover by gathering, eating, praying and remembering! It is a time of gratitude commemorating God’s deliverance of the Jewish People from slavery in Egypt. However, millions around the world are currently enslaved, not to Pharaoh, but to the bondage of sin and life without a personal relationship with God. Just as the spotless lamb was offered as a sacrifice in Pharaoh’s day for all who would in faith “apply the blood,” so too has the blood of the Lamb of God, Yeshua (Jesus), been shed for all who will trust in His sacrifice for their deliverance and salvation! Join us in praying for the salvation of Jewish People throughout the world.

Ethiopia – Please pray:


  • For the many new Believers from our Woliso, Ethiopia Outreach who have an opportunity to celebrate Passover for the first time ever with a personal understanding of the Lamb of God and His sacrifice for them!
  • For our upcoming Outreach in Addis Ababa – now is the time to pray for all paperwork and shipments to be processed and released in a timely manner
  • For our JVMI Outreach Team as they put all the finishing pieces in place for this Outreach

Zimbabwe – Please pray:

  • For God’s guidance for our full-time missionaries regarding where to settle and as they deal with practical challenges such as water, electricity and vehicle issues
  • That everywhere our full-time missionaries go, they are seeing salvation spring up:  pray for continued favor with the many tribal leaders and the people
  • For the first indigenous missionary who has just been commissioned – he has already seen fellow Lemba tribe members come to Yeshua through his ministry!
  • For the student leaders-in-training, who although from different regions, are teaming up to reach out together; and for unity among all the Lemba Believers

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Start praying now for our upcoming 2014 Outreaches, and consider joining us!

Let us know how we can pray for you.

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