Life in rural Zimbabwe requires hard work. Hands-and-knees gardening, fetching the day’s water supply, and washing clothes while bent over a portable tub in the yard ‒ or a rock at the stream ‒ are part of the household regiment. It’s a physical life demanding vigor and health, which is often a challenge when you need a doctor but can’t afford to see one or there aren’t any in your area to see.

zimbabweSo, what do you do when you have a knee injury that hurts so badly you can’t do these chores? Well, life gets even harder.

That’s what happened to one of the patients we saw recently at the Jewish Voice Ministries International (JVMI) Masvingo, Zimbabwe, Medical Outreach. A woman was having such severe knee pain that it was interfering with her many chores. And the demands of this kind of do-it-yourself rural life don’t let up to accommodate sickness or injury. The animals still need tending, the garden needs weeding, meals need making, and all of it requires water that isn’t right there at the turn of a tap. 

The woman came to our Masvingo Medical Clinic looking for relief for her knee. The medical team attended to her with great care and compassion, but they couldn’t resolve her condition. Before leaving the Clinic, she visited the Prayer Tent where Outreach Partners shared the Gospel with her. She did not want to receive Yeshua (Jesus) at the time, but welcomed prayer for her needs. Partners prayed with her asking that God would show her His love for her by healing her knee. Afterward, the woman returned home. 

The next morning, she was astonished to wake up pain-free. As she worked in her garden, unhindered by the affliction that had plagued her for so long, she was overwhelmed. She knew she had to go back to the Clinic and speak to the people who had prayed for her. She returned to the Prayer Tent and told them that she wanted to receive Yeshua. 

For Theo Steinhauer, Spiritual Affairs Manager of Jewish Voice’s Global Outreach department, one of the most powerful things about this miracle is that it happened to the woman at home, privately and apart from the Outreach team. “That way, she knew it was not us,” he said. It was all God, meeting her to tell her that He loves her. She believed, and now, she has new life in Messiah Yeshua.

Hers is one story from among 12,593 lives touched at the JVMI Masvingo Medical Outreach. Thank you for helping make a difference in each one of their lives.


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