Two great reasons to visit Israel with us

You can imagine the disciples’ confusion – their glances around the room and the unspoken question in their eyes.

“What is He doing?”

Jesus had taken off His outer garment and wrapped a towel around His waist. He filled a basin with water, knelt before His disciples – and began washing their feet.

How could this be? This was servants’ work. Yet here was their Rabbi, the Messiah of God, humbling Himself to serve them in one of the lowliest ways.

After He finished, He explained many things, as John 13–14 records:

  • He came as an example
  • He is the way, the truth and the life
  • No one comes to the Father except through Him
  • Whatever we ask in His name, He will do – for God’s glory
  • If we love Him, we will keep His commandments
  • Because He lives, we will live also
  • He will send us the Helper
  • The Helper will teach us and be with us forever
  • Jesus gives us His extraordinary peace

Jesus spoke these things to His disciples in the Upper Room on the night before He died for us.

The Upper Room
is just one of the many inspiring sites
you’ll visit on the

Jewish Voice Ministries

Israel Tour 2021

October 10-20, 2021

SAVE! Register before March 1, 2021, and receive a $200 discount per person!

We are planning this exciting Israel tour in faith that COVID-19 will be a matter of little concern by tour time. However, in case it (or anything else beyond our control) causes travel restrictions that force us to cancel the trip, you will receive a full refund for any payments you’ve made toward it. If the tour is able to take place, but you choose to cancel your participation, our regular cancellation schedule listed in the brochure will apply.

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