It truly was a miracle!

During our recent Medical Clinic in Woliso, Ethiopia, a man brought his teenage daughter for care. She had suffered from seizures throughout her young life. 

Unfortunately, the medicine that might have helped her is not something we have on hand at our Clinics. So she and her father turned to our prayer tent, where we prayed for them and shared Yeshua (Jesus). 

Both responded by giving their lives to the Lord!

Afterward, they started the long, 28-mile walk back home. But surprisingly, two days later, the man and his daughter returned to the Clinic – and this time they brought all 12 of their family members with them!

The entire family had walked the 28 miles back to the Clinic because, after being prayed for, the young girl had not had another seizure! It was the first time she’d ever gone even one day without a seizure. The whole family was so convinced of the power of prayer that they all wanted to come and profess their new faith in Yeshua as Lord!

Perhaps most amazing of all – this is the sort of miracle we’ve come to expect at our Clinics

Last year, of the more than 60,000 patients we served at our Medical Clinics, over 12,000 requested prayer, with more than 1,600 then professing new faith in Jesus.

And we also witnessed 300 events that we could only describe as healing miracles or deliverances – clear evidence God was present and active in our midst! 

It feels like an especially appropriate time to be sharing this exciting report about the many miraculous blessings God has poured out through your support. 

You see, this email arrived in your inbox within a few days of the Jewish festival of Shavuot – also known as the “Feast of Weeks” or (especially for Christians) as Pentecost, because it falls on the 50th day after Passover.

In ancient Israel, Shavuot was a joyous time of giving thanks to God for the blessings of the spring harvest. The celebration was also tied to Moses receiving the Law on Mount Sinai – which is why it’s called Matan Torah, or “giving of the Law.”

In biblical times, Shavuot was one of three pilgrimage festivals. It was called this because Scripture commanded the Israelites to travel to the Temple in Jerusalem at this holy time. The New Testament book of Acts describes a large crowd gathering for the Day of Pentecost, when the Holy Spirit came upon the people, and 3,000 came to faith in Yeshua following Peter’s preaching.

At Mount Sinai, God spoke to His people through the Law, assuring them of their special role as His people. 

On the Day of Pentecost, God’s Spirit came upon the followers of Yeshua, giving miraculous evidence of His presence – and bringing about the first great harvest of souls into the Kingdom of God.

Both these events show God’s desire to communicate with His people, to be in relationship with them, to make His will known and to bring them to salvation. 

And today God continues to show His love by inviting all people – Jews and Gentiles – to come back into relationship with Him through His Son, Jesus.

While Jewish Voice has many important ways we serve Jewish people around the world, as a Jewish Believer, I’m always most excited about the ways God reveals Himself to bring people to hear and accept the Good News of Yeshua. 

In many ways, all our ministry efforts point to this most important result of all – the assurance of eternal life in a person who once was lost.

That’s why Jewish Voice Ministries is absolutely committed to sharing the Good News with Jewish people … to helping them understand all God has done for them, how much He loves them and the joy of a relationship with Him.

 And we have a long history of success in sharing Jesus with Jewish people. As Jewish Believers, we understand the questions, challenges and hurdles a Jewish person must overcome to accept Yeshua – perhaps in a way no non-Jewish person ever could.

But while we understand the need, and the way to effectively present the message to Jewish people, we can’t make it happen without your help.

 To share Yeshua with people in faraway places means we must send our team there to talk with and minister to those in need. To share the Gospel and provide ongoing discipleship requires Bibles in local languages, evangelistic materials and follow-up support for local Messianic congregations that welcome these new Believers.

 We need your help with expenses for travel, medical equipment and medicines. All of this can get expensive. But you can’t make a better investment!

 Your gift in support of this unique evangelism effort will quite literallymake an eternal difference for a man, woman or child who desperately needs to hear about Yeshua.

And so we need your help.

This Shavuot/Pentecost season, please give generously to share both the deep meaning of this special tradition of Shavuot AND the Good News – to bring God’s people back to Him.

So, as you are able to give, please accept these gifts with my deepest thanks for helping to share Yeshua with Jewish people who need to meet their Messiah.

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