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You can still help the “Lost Tribes of Israel"

November 09, 2020
You can still help the “Lost Tribes of Israel"

I wrote to you recently about the opportunity we have right now to meet critical spiritual needs for Messianic congregations in Ethiopia and Zimbabwe.

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, the needs are even greater.

Your gift today will make a significant difference by helping equip the congregations to meet spiritual needs — from encouraging Messianic Believers to grow in their faith to introducing people to their Messiah, Jesus.

Together, we can come alongside fellow Believers in these local congregations who are on the frontlines doing their best to meet the needs of Jewish people and others in their communities.

Currently, we have a team on the ground preparing for our Medical Outreach taking place this week. We appreciate your prayer support for God’s timing and look forward to sharing with you soon about all God allows us to accomplish. Your partnership makes it possible to be the hands and feet of our Savior to men, women and children in need and I’m grateful.

Right now you can help meet important spiritual needs for families in the Messianic congregations where we hold our Medical Outreaches so they can reach out to their neighbors with the Good News of Yeshua.

Let me close with my wish for you and your loved ones to enjoy a Thanksgiving celebration filled with God’s blessings. 

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Enjoy a fascinating and eye-opening reference guide to the miraculous rediscovery of Israel's "Lost Tribes" and Jewish Voice's efforts to reach and bless them—updated with the latest research and insights. (Makes a wonderful prayer reminder!) 

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