The Jewish Heritage of Jesus, Our Messiah & Messianic Judaism

January 05, 2014

Throughout the world, Jewish People are coming to the realization that it is possible to believe in Jesus and remain a Jew. That was not true just fifty years ago. At that time, not a single Messianic Jewish congregation existed anywhere, and very few Jews professed faith in Jesus—several thousand at best. By 2009, more than 350 Messianic Jewish congregations existed around the world, including more than fifty in Israel. At least one million Jews in the United States express some sort of fait...

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Israel has Painful Questions but No Answers

January 03, 2014

As part of the framework designed to restart peace talks with the Palestinians, the Israeli government released another group of 26 Palestinian prisoners. These are convicted terrorists, many of them murderers. Most have been in prison for a number of years after their conviction for their role in the death of Israeli men, women and children. This brings to 78 the number released so far, with another 26 yet to be determined. The move came as Secretary of State John Kerry returned to Israel fo...

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