Praises and prayer requests from the Poland festival

February 12, 2020

Did you pray for our Festival in Poland during December? If so, you were part of something unique and significant! A key church leader there told us, through tears, “You must understand. This has never happened before in Poland.” To his knowledge, never in Polish history had thousands of people – many of them Jewish – come together and heard the Gospel presented in a Jewish context by a Jewish Believer in Jesus. That is the event you were praying for, and we are so grateful for your part...

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Is Trump’s peace plan good for Israel?

January 30, 2020

Looking to the past, Monday was International Holocaust Remembrance Day. This is a day set aside to remember the six million Jewish people and millions of others who perished at the hands of the Nazis in World War II. It is held on January 27 because that is the day, in 1945, the vile Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp was liberated. This year marks the 75th anniversary of that event – literally a lifetime has passed since those dark days. But I think you’ll agree that 75 years is still t...

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No child should ever have to make this choice

January 28, 2020

Her name is Eldana. It means “knowledge of God.” She’s 3 years old — a precious child. As a member of Ethiopia’s ancient Gefat community, she’s a tiny, fragile member of a group descended from one of the “Lost Tribes of Israel” that has for centuries practiced distinctively Jewish customs and traditions. To God and Eldana’s family, the worth of her life and health is beyond calculation. But in truth, all it takes is $15, just pennies a day, to help save the life of a child like Eldana. ...

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A Day to Remember

January 27, 2020

Why do we mark the anniversaries of horrific days in history? Dates like December 7, June 6 and September 11 mark tragic events that grieve the heart.* Some people may not want to bring the somber past into the present with a day of remembering. Why dwell on it? Why pull from the record books stories of the tragedy and suffering? We – as a world community, as nations, as individuals – commemorate for several reasons: To help ensure such things do not happen again To remember those who...

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We are praying for clear vision and big faith!

January 22, 2020

We are praying for clear vision and big faith as we scout out the opportunities before us. Before we go on any of our 2020 Outreaches, a small group from our Global Ministries staff will head to Africa on a scouting trip. We do this every year as it helps us better understand the areas to which we are headed. It enables us to preview resources, make decisions and arrangements onsite, build relationships, and bring back key information that will inform how we plan and prepare for the Outreache...

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There’s an exciting trip in March that needs you on the roster!

January 14, 2020

Enewari is a rural, farming community where medical care is scarce and too costly for many of the impoverished people living there. They have nothing to give but their gratitude, but you’ll receive so much more when you offer your skills to help them. “I just thought it would be harder than it is. I get tired, but when I come back at the end of each day, Jewish Voice has thought about everything. They serve me as I serve.” —Viviane, Surgeon You Are Needed: Physicians Dermato...

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Pray with us as we step into 2020

January 08, 2020

As we step into 2020, we understand that effectively sharing our unchanging message might call for changing or developing new methods for sharing it. Please pray with us as we focus on key aspects of our Global Ministries strategies and invite the Lord to speak to and work through us this year. Please pray for: Open doors and favor that will enable us to consistently offer spiritual care as part of our Outreaches The center of every Outreach opportunity to remain reaching people with...

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Transform more lives in 2020

January 03, 2020

Over the past 35 years, God has given me the opportunity to travel from one end of the globe to the other — to country after country, proclaiming the name of Yeshua (Jesus) to the Jewish people and their neighbors. And one thing I’ve learned in all my travels is … it’s critical to be prepared: whether it’s logistics and itineraries, what to pack or even spiritual preparation. Even our Jewish Voice Medical Outreach volunteers spend a great deal of time praying and fasting before their trip....

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Chanukah, Night 8: Miracle of Rededication

December 29, 2019

The word Chanukah means “dedication,” and the miracles the holiday celebrates center on the rededication of the Temple. The victory God won for the Maccabees brought a fresh start for Jewish worship. At last, they had their Temple back, and they could honor God as He had called them. As Believers, whose bodies are called temples of God (1 Corinthians 6:19–20), we have the opportunity of renewed dedication every day. Each new dawn offers us the potential for starting over, drawing closer to Go...

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Chanukah, Night 7: Miracle of His Light Shining Through Us

December 28, 2019

As we look at Chanukah and its miracle of light, we can’t forget the remarkable fact that God uses us to shine His light to the world. He places His Spirit inside each one who puts their faith in Jesus as the Messiah. And His light in us reveals Him to those around us. When we love as the Bible commands us and serve selflessly as Jesus did, we display God’s goodness and point a hurting world to Him. New Covenant Scriptures call us to live by the power of God’s Spirit in us rather than from ou...

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