Pray for Fall Outreaches

September 23, 2020

We are inviting you to pray for some key strategic issues regarding our upcoming Outreaches this fall. Amid a global pandemic and unrest in many nations, we are acutely aware of the need for God’s favor, guidance and divine assistance in everything. Our scheduled fall Outreaches are particularly in our prayers right now. We need God to open doors to countries and keep them open before us so we can bring the life-giving Good News to those who desperately need it. Will you join us in intercedin...

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An invitation to step out in faith for the Jewish people...

September 21, 2020

If there’s a message our world — and especially the Jewish community — needs today, I believe it’s this: “Life is hard. But God is good.” In my own life and ministry, God has proven Himself to be loving, true and good. Sometimes He calls on us to wait on Him and listen. Other times He calls on us to act. That’s why I’m writing — to ask you to stand with Israel, to act on behalf of Jewish people today. As you know, Jewish communities are constantly under fire — from enemies that surround...

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Rosh Hashanah and Discovering the Jewish Roots of Faith in Jesus

September 18, 2020

For those curious about the Jewish roots of faith in Jesus, the biblical Feasts of Israel are an excellent place to start. What do we mean by Jewish roots? The Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, is one cohesive message from God to mankind. The history of Israel and God’s relationship with her is relevant for all Believers, whether we’re Jewish or Gentile, because the New Testament builds upon the established foundation of the Old. Jesus’ life, death and resurrection are loaded with mirrored r...

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Rosh Hashanah – New Beginnings

September 18, 2020

The New Year is like a reset button. It’s a specific day when you can start fresh with renewed commitment and energy toward goals and dreams. The practice of making New Year’s resolutions has been around for thousands of years. Some of the most common ones have to do with losing weight, exercising more, saving money, breaking bad habits and learning something new. Annual inventories Each day is a new beginning, yet, we can easily get lost in its ordinariness and lose sight of this gift. So...

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What a historic week

September 17, 2020

“For you make me glad by your deeds, LORD; I sing for joy at what your hands have done.” ” Psalm 92:4 NIV This is a historic week and cause for great rejoicing over what our God has done! Not just one, but two Arab countries signed normalization agreements, called the “Abraham Accords,” with Israel during a ceremony at the White House on Tuesday – the first such agreements in more than 25 years! In addition, when the Arab League met last week, the members chose to side with peace over...

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The first of the biblical Fall Feasts

September 11, 2020

As we celebrate the first of the biblical Fall Feasts – Rosh Hashanah – I want you to know that I’m grateful for your partnership, especially through these challenging times. Over these past several months, our country and our world have been through so much. From the coronavirus pandemic to protests and the significant political debate that has followed as we head toward a major U.S. election. Many people are having a tough time right now. Yet in God’s timing, Yom Kippur, the holiest day ...

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Agreement reached with terror group

September 10, 2020

“When the LORD takes pleasure in anyone’s way, He causes their enemies to make peace with them.”” Proverbs 16:7 NIV Again this week, peace for Israel is one of our main topics. Saudi Arabia has agreed to allow the Unites Arab Emirates (UAE) and Israel to use their airspace, saving many travel hours and creating significant economic benefits for both countries. In addition, Israel and Hamas have reached an agreement that includes de-escalation of cross-border violence. Unfortunately...

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Rosh Hashanah is a wake-up call

September 09, 2020

As Jonathan Bernis recently wrote, Rosh Hashanah is a wake-up call leading us into the Fall Feasts. Not only is this season a significant opportunity for our own self-reflection, but it is also a time of deep introspection and weighty significance for Jewish people around the world. To Messianic Believers and many Christians, the Fall Feasts also point prophetically to Yeshua (Jesus), His second coming, and Him truly “tabernacling” – or dwelling – with His people forever. We are in the Hebrew...

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It's here!

September 08, 2020

A Jew & A Gentile Discuss Has Launched! We’re so excited to announce that our brand-new podcast You won’t hear a podcast like this anywhere else! Join Ezra Benjamin and Carly Berna, from the Jewish Voice team, as they explore life, faith and current events from a biblical viewpoint – each bringing to the table a different religious background and perspective – one Jewish, one Gentile. Listen Today! We’ve posted an introduction plus the first three episodes for you. Hear how...

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A historic first between nations seeking peace

September 03, 2020

“LORD, you establish peace for us; all that we have accomplished you have done for us”” Isaiah 26:12 NIV We are seeing some amazing developments coming out of the peace agreement between Israel and United Arab Emirates (UAE) that was reached mid-August. And our hope and prayer is for more countries to follow in the footsteps of the UAE in the weeks and months to come. What can seem impossible from our human perspective is certainly possible with God. As it says in Isaiah 26:12, the Lord ...

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