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Jewish Voice Today Magazine

The Jewish Voice Today magazine offers you insightful, biblical perspectives on the Jewish roots of the Christian faith, current events in Israel, the Jewish people, Messianic Judaism, prophecy, End Times, and more. You’ll be encouraged and equipped by Rabbi Jonathan Bernis, members of our team, and respected authors theologians, and pastors.

Jewish Voice Connections Newsletter

Jewish Voice Connections is our quarterly newsletter focusing on outreach to the Jewish people. We highlight medical outreaches to the lost and scattered tribes of Israel living in places like Ethiopia and Zimbabwe, the Hear O’ Israel Festivals of Jewish Music & Dance in places like Ukraine, and ministry right here in the United States. The stories and testimonies of changed lives in each Connections spotlight some of the remarkable ways in which God is working among His chosen people today.

Jewish Voice Blog

Meeting the Unexpected in Gokwe, Zimbabwe Take a look at how many lives you helped change in Gokwe, Zimbabwe. 8,855 Patients Received Care 1,268 People Received Dental Care 2,443 Eyeglasses Distributed 29 People Received Minor Surgery 200 Families Received LifeStraw® Water Filters 952 Children Attended the Zehra Kids Program 374 School Children Experienced Zehra in Their School 3,038 People Heard the Gospel 236 People Received Yeshua 505 People Requested Congregational Follow-up Last November, we held a Medical Outreach in Gokwe, Zimbabwe. The outreach location is situated off a series of obscure dirt roads in the middle of nowhere. It is home to a Lemba Jewish community that was new to even the national Le...

Messianic Writer's Contest

This collection of essays, articles and short stories represent the winners of Jewish Voice’s 2019 Writers Contest. With this contest, it was our hope to provide a platform for talented writers within the wider Messianic Jewish world to share their stories.

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