PALESTINA_F_0505_-_Fatah_hamas_accordoThis week, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas swore in a new unity government ending the seven-year-old rift between rival factions PLO/Fatah and Hamas. 

Not surprisingly, Iran has been supportive of a Fatah-Hamas reunion because it provides Tehran with greater influence over the Palestinian issue and another pressure point against Israel. 

More surprising has been how quickly the international community has been to welcome and support this new unity government — this in spite of the fact that Hamas is internationally listed as a terrorist organization. UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon welcomed the announcement on Tuesday. The United Nations said it was prepared to support the new government and its efforts to reunite the West Bank and Gaza.

The U.S. and Europe rushed to welcome the reconciliation as well. After hearing that the Obama Administration planned to establish ties with the new unity government, Israeli officials responded with dismay, saying that the United States had sanctioned terrorism. 
Israel’s ambassador to the U.S. described the new unity government as, “suits in the front office and terrorists in the back office.” 

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