Passover Seder Demonstration

Jonathan and Ezra come together with some their close ministry friends for a demonstration of how we observe the most important Jewish holiday of Passover. Using the Passover Haggadah to move through the order of service, they take you step-by-step through the elements of the Seder meal. You’ll discover the rich heritage and symbolism of each element and portion of the service – including the blessings, four cups, washing of hands and bitter herbs.

You can find recipes for many Passover dishes here.

The Observance of Passover

Jonathan and Ezra examine one of the most celebrated Jewish holidays. Passover commemorates God delivering the Israelites from slavery in Egypt. Join them as they examine the Scriptures and reveal how the Passover Seder relates to the Last Supper Jesus observed with His disciples before He was crucified. You will gain a whole new perspective on why the Messiah is called our Passover Lamb. You’ll also learn how to include your friends and family in a celebration of this anointed time.


Ezra Benjamin joins Rabbi Jonathan Bernis for a closer look at the festive holiday of Purim, commemorating a time when God intervened to protect the Jewish people from the Persian empire. Discover God’s redemptive plan, seen through the story of a woman named Esther and God using her to preserve His people in a miraculous way. You’ll be encouraged as you see how God stepped in to make a way where there was none and that He continues to intervene today by placing people in the right places at pivotal times to provide deliverance for His children.

Jonathan Bernis & Ezra Benjamin | Jacob Becomes Israel

Do you ever feel exhausted, alone, or maybe stuck in a bad situation? This was precisely where Jacob found himself, and he trusted God to give him the strength that he needed to make it through. Ezra Benjamin joins Jonathan Bernis with this important story from Genesis 32 to offer you strength today. Discover the redemptive power than can only come from the God of the universe. Learn how, through your struggles, you can trust God and receive His strength to move beyond hopelessness to find victory.

Abraham's Road Less Traveled Revealed

You have a unique purpose that no one else can fulfill. Like in Abraham’s life, it will require dependence on God to accomplish it. Join Jonathan and Ezra as they share an inspiring message from Genesis chapter 12, where God posed a daunting challenge to Abraham. You’ll see how his life is a lesson on how to trust God day by day. You’ll also learn why Abraham is called the “father of the Jewish people” and where the term “children of Israel” came from. If you are a follower of Yeshua, you are a spiritual son or daughter of Abraham. You, through the Messiah, have a rich heritage and blessing that comes through this man of God.

The Hebrew Names of God: Hagar’s Story

God knows what you’re going through. At times, we can all grow weary waiting for challenging days to pass, but God offers encouragement through the very names attributed to Him in Scripture. The Hebrew names of God reveal His character and nature, and trusting that they are true can dramatically change your life. Join Jonathan and Ezra as they discuss one of Scripture’s first names of God, El Roee, The God Who Sees Me. Learn the troubling circumstances Hagar found herself in and how God spoke to her, letting her know she was not alone. You’ll also learn about the surprising heritage of the Arab-Jewish conflict.

Confessing the Hebrew Scriptures: Adonai Nissi, Part 3

Jonathan and Ezra continue looking at one of their favorite topics – the Hebrew names of God. These names reveal God’s character and His faithfulness to you today. Understanding their significance can dramatically change your life. When Moses built an altar and called it, “Adonai Nissi,” The LORD is my banner, He was making a declaration – one that any follower of Jesus can share in today. There is power in the Word of God; speaking out the Scriptures renews our minds and strengthens our faith. Discover the transforming power of confessing the Scriptures in the Hebrew language and what it means that God is your banner.

Confessing the Hebrew Scriptures: Adonai Nissi, Part 2

God reveals His faithfulness in the Scriptures. The God of Moses is the same God who shows you today that He is faithful. Join Ezra Benjamin and Jonathan Bernis as they examine a specific characteristic of God: “Adonai Nissi,” the Lord My Banner. You’ll gain insight into the meaning of a banner and how it was used in the Scriptures. Discover the power found in confessing the Scriptures in the original language of the Old Testament. Scripture reveals that God’s Word is life and that the tongue can be used to speak life or death. Learn how to speak the life found in God’s Word, and watch it transform your life.

The Lost Tribes, Part 3

Who are the Lost Tribes? How are they lost? Join Jonathan Bernis and Ezra Benjamin as they continue their discussion about the Lost Tribes of Israel. Learn the key Scripture verse that reveals God’s End-Time intentions for the Lost Tribes. Take a look inside the Lost Tribes Discovery Center, where you’ll learn about the Lemba Jewish people of Zimbabwe. Do you think the Lost Tribes are irrelevant to you as a Christian? They’re not. Find out how God is inviting you to be a part of His End-Time plans regarding the Jewish people.

The Lost Tribes, Part 2

Jonathan and Ezra reveal remarkable signs that God is fulfilling His prophetic words in this generation. He is not only restoring the Land of Israel but gathering the Lost Tribes of Israel back to the Land. Discover what many people miss about End-Time prophecy as Jonathan and Ezra take an in-depth look at the Scriptures through the original Hebrew context. Join them in the Lost Tribes Discovery Center and learn the location of many Jewish communities unrecognized by much of the world. See the exciting role every Believer has in Bible prophecy and find out why the restoration of Israel matters to you.