Amid civil unrest in Ethiopia, the first group of Jews since 2013 is set to arrive in Israel this month, and more than 9,000 are still waiting to reunite with both tribe and family. Ethiopian immigration to Israel is resuming after a 3-year freeze.

The first group of 78 Ethiopian Jews to move to Israel after waiting for three years will arrive at Ben Gurion International Airport on a flight approved by the Interior Ministry in 2013—one that never took off due to lack of budget for their absorption, which includes housing allowances for at least two years.

A spokesman for the assimilation program says, “The people waiting for them at the airport, you’ll see, are soldiers and people who have served Israel. They have been waiting for years and years for their families,” he said.

The open door for immigration comes as Ethiopia is dealing with widespread protests near Gondar, which is home to approximately 6,000 of the 9,000 Jews still left in Ethiopia. This is an area where we have completed many medical outreaches.

Last November, the Israeli government approved the absorption of the 9,000 Ethiopian immigrants, but the plan faltered because there was no budget allocated for it.

Two Likud party members refused to vote until the government funded the decision to bring the Ethiopian Jews to Israel, which it finally did in April. In keeping with the limited budget allocated for the project, Ethiopian immigrants are expected to arrive in Israel at the rate of about 100 per month starting in November.

The worldwide gathering of the Jewish Diaspora back to Israel certainly heralds the fulfillment of End-Time prophecy and the return of Yeshua. It spurs us to double our efforts to reach the “Lost Tribes”. I’m thankful for the reunification of these precious Ethiopian families, but I ask you to pray with me for a movement of God amidst all Israel to fully embrace the Ethiopian Jewish people who make Israel their home.

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