Is Christian Anti-Semitism Real Today?
Guest: Dr. Michael Brown

What if some of the most dangerous anti-Semitism lies right within your church? Respected Messianic Bible scholar Dr. Michael Brown joins Jonathan and Ezra to discuss how anti-Semitism is alive and active today, even within the Christian Church, in ways you might not recognize. Find out what anti-Semitism is and what it isn’t, and if it’s the same as anti-Zionism. You’ll learn the only ways to overcome the hate and lies of anti-Semitism. Discover why the matter of standing with Israel is so critical amid so many other important issues facing you as a Believer today. See why younger generations tend to be more antagonistic toward Israel and what you can do to turn the tide. Dr. Brown is a well-known scholar, professor, debater and Messianic Jewish apologist. He is the author of more than 40 books.

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