The Harbinger II (Part 1)
Guest: Jonathan Cahn

Jonathan Bernis welcomes New York Times best-selling author, speaker, and personal friend, Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, to share about his newest and widely anticipated book, The Harbinger II: The Return. You’ll hear the prophetic process that led Rabbi Cahn to follow-up in 2020 with a sequel to his incredibly popular book, The Harbinger. Discover manifestations since the first book and up until the present hour that provide a glimpse of mysteries yet to come. You’ll learn why it’s no accident that 19 years after 9/11, we are experiencing a new level of shakings on Earth, affecting every nation. Discover if this season is a wake-up call, a warning of things to come, or both! Jonathan Cahn reveals clues in God’s Word that shed light on mysteries that have perplexed generations for centuries. You’ll learn unique correlations between the Old Testament, prophetic New Testament Scriptures, and the age we are currently living in – connections you won’t hear anywhere else!

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