The Harbinger II (Part 2)
Guest: Jonathan Cahn

Jonathan Bernis welcomes back New York best-selling author Jonathan Cahn to continue their fascinating conversation about current conditions in America – and the entire world – and how they directly relate to both Bible prophecy and your calling during this unprecedented time in history. Join them as they dive back into the mysteries revealed in The Harbinger II: The Return, Rabbi Cahn’s newest book and the sequel to his best seller, The Harbinger. With crises unfolding every day, many Christians want to know if they are signs of the End Times – and if so, how much time do we have left? Discover if America is closer to the judgment referred to in prophetic Scriptures and how to find hope in these challenging times. As Rabbis Bernis and Cahn boldly address some hard-hitting issues present in our culture, you’ll get a fresh look at the relationship between humanity’s rebellion and God’s Word. With the upcoming political elections, you won’t want to miss this powerful discussion to help you connect what the Scriptures reveal, find hope and understand why your role is critical in these unparalleled days.

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