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Jonathan Cahn Discusses the Return of Ancient False Gods

If you drive out God, there’s always something ready to take His place. The spirits behind ancient gods never died. The evidence abounds: demonic forces that the Gospel once drove out of western civilization have returned. Jonathan Bernis continues his discussion with best-selling author Jonathan Cahn to reveal even more astounding correlations between the spirits behind ancient gods and what’s happening throughout American society and the western world. Learn about startling connections between a 1969 riot in New York City and one of these ancient spirits manifesting itself today. “Unless we address what we’re dealing with,” says Jonathan Bernis, “we’re going to attack this the wrong way, or be apathetic. That’s why I think this is the most important book Jonathan Cahn has written.” Join them both as they discuss Rabbi Cahn’s latest book, “Return of the Gods.”

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