An Encounter with Jesus (Part 1)
Guest: Pastor Stovall Weems

Are “signs and wonders” still for today? Pastor Stovall Weems & Paul Wilbur join Rabbi Jonathan Bernis to discuss a remarkable encounter with Yeshua affirming that we can see signs and wonders in our day. Discover what miraculously unfolded as Paul spoke Hebrew in a Passover service and the miraculous way a sacred ceremony turned into a revelation from the Lord – and provided a modern-day example of the Jew and Gentile uniting through Yeshua. Hear how this powerful event has profoundly changed both men’s lives and led to Pastor Stovall experiencing the Messiah in a way he could have never imagined. Hear the reactions they received after sharing this phenomenon with the Church, friends, and family. Paul Wilbur is an author, recording artist and Messianic worship leader. Stovall Weems is the Senior Pastor of Celebration Church in Jacksonville, Florida.

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