Finding the "Lost Tribes of Israel"

August 1–7, 2022

Who are the “Lost Tribes of Israel”? Where are they today, and what does that have to do with your faith? Join Jonathan and Ezra as they uncover fascinating news about the “Lost Tribes of Israel” and ...what God is doing among them today. See how these mysterious Jewish people living in surprising places are a sign of End-Time prophecy coming true right now and why that’s important for you.

Perry Stone joins Jonathan Bernis
Why Bible Prophecy is Relevant to You

August 8–14, 2022

Do you find Bible prophecy frightening? Do people you know avoid the subject as too negative? Are you turned off because you’ve heard people “prophesy” things that didn’t come true? International ...Bible teacher and author Perry Stone joins Jonathan and Ezra to discuss the trustworthiness of scriptural prophecy and the importance of distinguishing it from speculation. Discover how careful Bible interpretation – rightly dividing the Word – is critical to avoiding confusion and why Bible prophecy is relevant and essential for every Believer. You’ll also hear about Perry’s book The Final Ciphers and the Return of Christ about things concealed in the Old Testament revealed in the New Testament and coming to pass in our day. Perry Stone directs Voice of Evangelism ministry in Tennessee.

Can the Bible Really Change Your Life?

August 15–21, 2022

It’s the bestselling book of all time and the most vitally important book ever written. It’s the very Word of God. Jonathan and Ezra discuss the amazing gift God gave to us with the Bible. Discover the ...incredible care taken by Jewish scribes to create a Torah scroll and how the Bible is your textbook for life. Jonathan and Ezra also introduce the new Jewish Voice Study Bible packed full of helpful tools, outlines, backgrounds and insights. Other extras will help you understand the importance of Israel and connect to the Jewish roots of your faith in Jesus.

Shabbat – God’s Invitation to Rest

August 22–28, 2022

In today’s productivity-driven culture, many Believers are missing out on the God-designed blessing of the Sabbath. Jonathan Bernis and Ezra Benjamin share the simple, yet profound, Jewish tradition of ...Shabbat that you can incorporate into your home every week. They’ll take you through the rich biblical history of Shabbat and explain its relevancy to Believers today. You’ll learn the three cornerstones of Shabbat and how gathering together to honor God and observe a Sabbath meal can transform your relationships and enrich your walk with God.

Jonathan Cahn joins Jonathan Bernis

Aug. 29 – Sept. 4, 2022

Jonathan Cahn calls it the most explosive revelation he’s ever had. Jonathan Bernis says it’s the most important message Cahn has ever been given. ...The world has always been full of “gods” people have worshipped, and behind them were spirits. The Gospel pushed them out of western civilization – until western civilization began pushing God out. Learn about what Jonathan Cahn calls “The Dark Trinity,” three ancient spirits that have returned to fill the void left when today’s culture began driving God out in recent decades. Hear shocking correlations between these ancient spirits and what we’re seeing today in America and beyond. “It explains so much,” says Jonathan Bernis. Don’t miss this eye-opening conversation, the first of two.