Jonathan Bernis & Ezra Benjamin | The Mezuzah, Part 2

May 27-June 2, 2019

Jonathan and Ezra continue their discussion of spiritual lessons from the Scriptures contained within the mezuzah. You may be surprised to learn how the two Old Covenant passages inside each mezuzah connect to the New Testament Scriptures and apply to your life today. Look deeper within the pages of the Torah and discover why the Jewish prayer, Shema Yisrael, is specially inscribed before it’s placed inside the case of this precious and sacred symbol. Jonathan and Ezra address common questions about the mezuzah, such as its connection to Passover. You’ll see how including this holy declaration to your home will bless you and your household. Ezra Benjamin is the Vice President of Global Outreach at Jewish Voice.

Jonathan Bernis & Ezra Benjamin | Shavuot

June 3‒9, 2019

Join Jonathan and Ezra as they celebrate Shavuot. This particular time of year is set aside on God’s calendar for us to remember how He has blessed us. Shavuot commemorates a time when a harvest offering was brought to the Temple and also celebrates the giving of the Torah and outpouring of God’s Holy Spirit. Discover the historical context, traditional customs, and spiritual significance of Shavuot. And you may be surprised how this Feast of the Lord connects with the book of Ruth. You’ll also learn the exciting connection between Shavuot and Passover and how this multi-dimensional spring Feast signifies God’s love and provision for His children.

Bennett Greenspan | DNA Testing for Jewish Ansestry

June 10-16, 2019

DNA researcher Bennett Greenspan says that more and more people are learning the unexpected news that they have Jewish ancestry. Could you be among the biblical descendants of the “Lost Tribes of Israel”? Learn more as you join Jonathan Bernis for this fascinating interview with Bennett Greenspan who is the head of Family Tree DNA, a genetic analysis lab.


Jonathan Bernis & Ezra Benjamin |  Confessing the Hebrew Scriptures – The Lord Almighty, Pt 1

June 17-23, 2019

Ezra Benjamin, Vice President of Global Outreach with Jewish Voice Ministries International, joins Jonathan Bernis to discuss the life-changing power of speaking aloud the promises of God’s Word. Jonathan shares a personal story of witnessing a life transformed by confessing the Scriptures. Learn how this simple practice can make a difference in your own life as Jonathan and Ezra discuss the latest in the Confessing the Hebrew Scriptures series, “El Shaddai – the Lord Almighty.” Discover how to enlarge your faith by speaking God’s Word in the dynamic biblical language of Hebrew.

Jonathan Bernis & Ezra Benjamin | Confessing the Hebrew Scriptures – The Lord Almighty, Pt 2

June 24-30, 2019

Join Jonathan and special guest Ezra Benjamin as they continue their conversation about the powerful spiritual practice of speaking the Scriptures out loud. The latest in the Confessing the Hebrew Scriptures series, “The Lord Almighty,” reveals both God’s power and provision. As we believe His Word in our hearts and confess it with our mouths, our faith grows. Find out how you can experience God’s supernatural provision and blessings in your life and the lives of those you love.