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October TV Lineup: Join Us for a Month of Valuable Insights!

What Yom Kippur Means for You

October 3–9, 2022

It’s the holiest day of the Jewish year. Jonathan Bernis and Ezra Benjamin discuss Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement. Join them as they share their personal stories of observing this important day and ...reveal its powerful connection to your New Covenant faith. You’ll learn the significance of the holy day and how this “appointed time of the Lord” is not only a memorial but also points to the prophetic return of the Messiah.

What Sukkot Means for You

October 10–16, 2022

Sukkot, or the Feast of Tabernacles, includes an intriguing observance. Join Jonathan Bernis and Ezra Benjamin as they discuss the last of the Fall Feasts prescribed by God in Leviticus 23. Discover the ...meaning behind this Feast and how it can encourage your faith. Jonathan and Ezra share personal memories of celebrating Sukkot and expound on its prophetic element yet to be fulfilled.

Jonathan Cahn Discusses the Return of Ancient False Gods

October 17–23, 2022

If you drive out God, there’s always something ready to take His place. The spirits behind ancient gods never died. The evidence abounds: demonic forces that the Gospel once drove out of western ...civilization have returned. Jonathan Bernis continues his discussion with best-selling author Jonathan Cahn to reveal even more astounding correlations between the spirits behind ancient gods and what’s happening throughout American society and the western world. Learn about startling connections between a 1969 riot in New York City and one of these ancient spirits manifesting itself today. “Unless we address what we’re dealing with,” says Jonathan Bernis, “we’re going to attack this the wrong way, or be apathetic. That’s why I think this is the most important book Jonathan Cahn has written.” Join them both as they discuss Rabbi Cahn’s latest book, “Return of the Gods.”

Shofar: The Biblical Trumpet

October 24–30, 2022

Once you hear it, it’s unmistakable – the mysterious, rugged sound of the shofar. Ram’s horns have been used as trumpets since Bible times. Discover where this fascinating instrument is found in ...Scripture and how it was used. Learn the three types of shofar blowing and the purposes for each. Jonathan and Ezra discuss how the shofar isn’t just a historical thing – there’s a day yet to come when the shofar plays an essential role in God’s plans. You’ll see how this biblical trumpet is a wake-up call and represents an invitation to be attuned to the voice of the Lord.

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