Shavuot – God’s Love and Provision

May 30–June 5, 2022

Join Jonathan and Ezra as they celebrate Shavuot. This particular time of year is set aside on God’s calendar for us to remember how He has blessed us. Shavuot commemorates a time when a harvest offering was brought to the Temple and also celebrates the giving of the Torah and outpouring of ...God’s Holy Spirit. Discover the historical context, traditional customs, and spiritual significance of Shavuot. And you may be surprised how this Feast of the Lord connects with the book of Ruth. You’ll also learn the exciting connection between Shavuot and Passover and how this multi-dimensional spring Feast signifies God’s love and provision for His children.

Finding Hope in the End Times

June 6–12, 2022

What if much of what you’ve been told about the End Times is off-target? What if you’ve looked for signs of the Messiah’s return in all the wrong places? The Last Days is a complex Bible subject worth studying, but it’s easy to focus too heavily on things yet to come and miss the exciting things God is ...doing right now to prepare the world for Jesus’ return. Join Jonathan and Ezra for some eye-opening information about the End Times. Discover specific ways you can know we are in the Last Days and how you can join Him in preparing for Messiah’s return.

Has God Replaced Israel with the Church?

June 13–19, 2022

Has the body of Believers in Jesus replaced Israel and the Jewish people in God’s eyes? Is the Church the new Israel? Discover God’s everlasting faithfulness as Jonathan and Ezra expose the pitfalls and errors of Replacement Theology.

The Layered Promises of God

June 20–26, 2022

Jonathan and Ezra discuss God’s faithfulness and the covenants He has made with mankind. This week, they shed light on the Abrahamic and Mosaic covenants, which God established with His servants Abraham and Moses. You’ll learn how each of His covenants builds upon the foundation of the ...previous.

Victorious in Our Battles

June 27–July 3, 2022

What does the Bible mean when it declares God to be our “banner”? Jonathan Bernis and Ezra Benjamin discuss another edition of the Confessing the Hebrew Scriptures series: Adonai Nissi – The Lord My Banner. Discover the power of God’s Word and how you can confess the Scriptures in the ...original Hebrew language. Learn what this characteristic of God means and how it applies to you today. You’ll see how God is and always will be your Banner.