Two Modern Women of Faith
Guest: Marilyn Hickey

Jonathan Bernis shares two intriguing interviews with dear friends from very different walks of life. Hear the captivating stories of these two strong women of faith, their unique journeys and the passionate pursuit of God they share in common. You’ll be inspired by how each of them recognized their heavenly Father’s voice and study and believe His Word. You’ll see how they each understand that their identity is through their Messiah – not others – and they are committed to using their gifts to honor Him. You’ll discover how God prepared each of them for special moments, often through surprising circumstances, to guide them down the road He called them to. Be encouraged and brave, for God has a plan for you too!

For more than 55 years, Dr. Marilyn Hickey has traveled to over 125 countries, sharing the love of Jesus with the world. She has authored more than 150 books and is the host of her own television program.

God opened doors for Shae Wilbur in the entertainment business in Los Angeles, where she is making a mark in a variety of ways. She recently released her EP album titled “Unmovable” and shares the first single from it in a special performance from our studio.

Visit to purchase Shae's new CD and learn more about her ministry.

Guest: Marilyn Hickey

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