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Is it proper to call someone “rabbi” in light of Matthew 23:8-10?

Yeshua is making the point that the human “rabbi” (master), the human “father” or the human “teacher” or “leader,” is in no way comparable to the Master, Father, Divine Teacher, or Spirit-Leader that God is. Our subservience to God and total reliance upon Him as our Master, our Father, our Teacher, and our Leader must always far surpass any devotion or adoration we have for even the most important of human beings in our lives.

This does not suggest we do not have human beings in our lives that deserve honor. We honor our spiritual leaders, our human fathers, our teachers, and ministry leaders, but that honor pales in comparison to the honor we have for God. And no human is entitled to trespass against the honor we bestow upon our heavenly Rabbi, our heavenly Father, our divine Teacher, the Master and Leader of our lives.

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