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The traditional day of mourning the destruction of both ancient Temples in Jerusalem, which both happened on the same day of the year. Today, Tisha B’Av (TISH-a bah-AV) now includes remembrance of many Jewish tragedies that have mysteriously occurred on this very date:

  • 587 BCE (Hebrew calendar year 3338) - The First Temple was destroyed by the Babylonians under the rulership of Nebuchadnezzar.
  • 70 CE (3830) - The Second Temple was destroyed by the Romans under the leadership of Titus.
  • 135 CE (3895) - The Romans conquered Bar Kochba's last fortress, Betar, and destroyed his army. The Roman Emperor Hadrian turned Jerusalem into a Roman city.
  • 1290 (5050) - King Edward 1st of England signed an edict expelling all Jews from England.
  • 1492 (5252) - Jews were expelled from Spain.
  • 1670 (5430) - The last Jews left Vienna, following expulsion orders.
  • 1914 (5674) - World War I began (Germany declared war on Russia on August 1, 1914).
  • 1940 (5700) - Himmler presented his plan for the "Final Solution" to the Jewish problem to the Nazi Party.
  • 1942 (5702) - Nazis began deporting of Jews from the Warsaw Ghetto.

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