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Drawing Near: Miracles, Signs and Wonders

by Paula Walberer
November 01, 2022
“My message and my preaching were not with wise and persuasive words, but with a demonstration of the Spirit’s power, so that your faith might not rest on human wisdom, but on God’s power.”
– 1 Corinthians 2:4-5

This fall our Jewish Voice Ministries staff held our twice-yearly Week of Prayer and Fasting. I shared in one of our Prayer Points emails that the theme was “Return” and asked you to pray along with us. One of the highlights of these weeks, in addition to the daily times of live worship, prayer and intercession, is our mid-week service, when we hear a special message from one of our apostolic ministry leaders. Most often, as was the case this fall, it is Rabbi Jonathan Bernis himself.

He gave a stirring and powerful call for our ministry to return to our roots in a very specific area – that of miracles, signs and wonders. In the 1950’s, before starting Jewish Voice in 1967, our founder, Louis Kaplan, was a healing evangelist who shared the Gospel and ministered in the gifts of the Spirit. That legacy was sown into Jewish Voice, and over the ministry’s 55 years, we have indeed seen the Lord reveal His compassion and power in amazing ways that can’t be explained apart from the Spirit of God.

During his message, Rabbi Jonathan shared with us a particular example from an Outreach in Ethiopia when a teenage young man who was known in the community throughout his life as being deaf miraculously received his hearing. Rabbi Jonathan told us, “It was amazing to see the Gospel live.” Amen! We have seen many other miracles over the years but are hungering and thirsting to see even more in this era when evidence of the Last Days increases and the urgency of people’s need to receive the Gospel compels us.

In this season of Chanukah, as we reflect on miracles and the God of miracles, we are asking you to pray with us for a resurgence and expansion of Jewish Voice Ministries walking in supernatural gifts, signs, wonders and miracles. Not for the sake of the signs themselves, although we want people to be healed, but for the sake of how they point Jewish people and their neighbors to the God of miracles and the life-altering, eternity-impacting gift of salvation through Yeshua (Jesus).

There are many works of darkness performed in the places we go. This is a conflict of kingdoms – the kingdom of darkness trying to keep people enslaved. Our desire is that, instead, the kingdom of Light will break through, manifesting the presence of the Lord through signs and wonders and miracles, accompanying and confirming the preaching of the Word. Our desire is to press into the Lord more and more for His power and compassion to be evident through us, bringing healing, deliverance and salvation to Jewish people and their neighbors everywhere.

Please pray with us:

  • That we’ll be a people of His presence who carry His love, compassion and power with us wherever we go, trusting Him to do the impossible
  • For renewed and abundant faith to believe that God is the God for modern-day miracles in the places and among the peoples to whom He sends us, as well as for our staff and partners to believe
  • For the resolve and spiritual stamina to wait upon the Lord and press into Him for the Spirit’s filling, anointing and power, cultivating an atmosphere ripe for miracles within us and around us
  • That we effectively preach the Word with the demonstration of the Holy Spirit’s power and the confirmation of signs and wonders
  • That the healing of Yeshua will flow to those we encounter, especially those whose conditions are beyond the scope of what medical care can do
  • For wisdom and discernment and the ability to nurture a healthy culture that balances supernatural gifting with godly character

Believing God for miracles is an ongoing faith lifestyle that will be tested over and over in a lifetime. May we trust Him more and more for the miracles we long to see in our own lives and families, in the salvation of the Jewish people around the world, and in the many crises being experienced across the globe. He is who He says He is and does what He says He can do. May we each take hope in that and continue to press into, to delight in, and have faith in the God of miracles. Who knows what wonders we will experience as we do!

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