Looking back . . . looking ahead
by Jonathan Bernis

In 2017, Jewish Voice celebrated 50 years of ministry, and in that 50th year we reached several exciting ministry milestones, including:

  • Serving 1 million overall ministry recipients
  • Treating 400,000 Medical Outreach patients
  • Caring for 100,000 Medical patients in Zimbabwe alone

In addition, we reached new levels of support for our ministry partners around the world. This includes assistance to 100 Messianic congregations in Africa, and more than 30 congregations in Israel. We also sponsored a highly successful Messianic Leadership Roundtable that included over 400 Messianic leaders.

In Israel, we established a new office and are continuing our partnership with more than 60 Messianic ministries there.

Jewish Voice looks toward the future with hope, preparing for the great ministry opportunities God will give us in the next 50 years.

And all the time we’ve worked hard to: identify and care for the needs of Jewish people and their neighbors the world over; provide medical, dental and eye care; bring clean, safe water to impoverished communities; care for elderly Holocaust survivors in Israel; battle anti-Semitism; support the Nation of Israel and her people; educate the Church about the Jewish roots of the Christian faith; and — most important of all — share the Good News of Yeshua (Jesus) the Messiah who wants to save all who will turn to Him.

But “what is past is prologue." And while we celebrate God's accomplishments through your support, Jewish Voice looks toward the future with hope, preparing for the great ministry opportunities God will give us in the next 50 years.

As a ministry and as Believers in Jesus, we're excited about His return. But as we continue to await the Messiah, He has much for us to do.

First, we’ll continue all the ministries God has already called us to. I see no major changes as we pursue our ministry commitment to "proclaim the Gospel, grow the Messianic Jewish community and engage the Church concerning Israel and the Jewish people."

But we’ll make every effort to expand our outreach as we work toward these goals to:

  • Identify and reach out with love and compassion to Jewish communities in remote parts of the world.
  • Minister to large numbers of Jewish people through our Hear O’ Israel! Festivals of Jewish Music & Dance, with plans to consider expanding to more countries.
  • Expand more fully into Israel, growing our work with Israel-based ministries.
  • Grow our outreach on college and university campuses, in support of our plans to provide a new generation of young, energetic Messianic Jewish leaders.

For all of our joy at what God is doing through Jewish Voice Ministries right now, I’m most excited about what lies ahead! We have so much to do before Yeshua returns.

That’s why I hope you’ll continue to join with us to bring even more Jewish people healing and hope in His name.

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