More care and compassion for Holocaust survivors in Israel

More than 80 years after the Holocaust, many Jewish people understandably still carry the deep scars of their Holocaust experience.

Jewish Voice is expanding its outreach to Holocaust survivors in Israel — and will always let them know Believers in Yeshua (Jesus) care about them.

We’ve recently hired an Israeli staff member who will oversee the expansion of our ministry to people in Israel, especially Holocaust survivors.

Through partnerships with dozens of well-established Messianic congregations and ministries in Israel, we’re dramatically increasing our outreach to Jewish people who are homeless, living in poverty and trapped in addiction or prostitution. We’re even ministering to young women facing unplanned pregnancy and considering abortion.

Your support is what makes this crucial Israel ministry expansion possible.

The cost of living is high in Israel. And many Israelis, retirees and Holocaust survivors in particular, are struggling to obtain just basic necessities. They’re often isolated, lonely and haunted by memories of a terrible past.

We’ll need to establish trust, prove we understand their needs and offer a helping hand — such as assistance with vision or dental care, for example. And, for those who are receptive, we’ll share the Gospel message of peace, hope and salvation through Jesus.

Your support is what makes this crucial Israel ministry expansion possible. May God bless you as you bless the Jewish people, especially those who are in need (Genesis 12:3).

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