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Moving Forward: Celebrating 55 Years of Proclaiming the Gospel to the Jew First

by Judi Clarke
June 09, 2022


The Believer’s life is marked by an ever-expanding invitation from God to move forward. God continually invites us onward in our relationship with Him, in the knowledge of His Word, in trusting Him and dependence on Him. He calls us forward in character development, prayer, service, love, and grasping the gifts of peace and joy He has given us. In similar ways, God beckons a ministry forward. He asks organizations in His service to remain close to Him and depend on His guidance to accomplish what He wants them to do.

Romans 11:26 speaks of “all Israel” being saved. What a glorious thing to anticipate: the whole of God’s Chosen People seeing with unveiled eyes and receiving Jesus as their promised Messiah. This vision, cast by the apostle Paul, is what spurs us at Jewish Voice. God’s specific call on us as a ministry is to be a part of His bringing this about. We feel it intensely and want to move forward where and how the Lord leads.

The first step is prayer.

Moving Forward in Prayer

Prayer must go before all else. Like Moses in the wilderness, we don’t want to go where the Lord does not lead. (See Exodus 33:15.) That’s why, at Jewish Voice, we have an active prayer program and a staff position supervising it. It’s why we hold twice-yearly Weeks of Prayer and Fasting among our staff for focused times to draw close to God in worship, prayer and listening.

This year marks Jewish Voice’s 55th year of ministry. Our amazing partners have played such a vital role in this work over the last five and a half decades – through their financial support and through prayer. This summer, we’re inviting you to join our prayer journey, Moving Forward – 55 Days of Prayer  as an integral part of laying the foundation for God’s work through us together as we move into the future.

We’ve compiled prayer needs from throughout the ministry. For 55 days – from June 6 through July 30 – you’re invited to pray for the people that you help us serve, for Jewish Voice leaders and staff, and for our daily work as we move forward in the ministry God has for us. We hope you’ll join us.

What else do we hear God moving us forward into?

Moving Forward in Ethiopia and Zimbabwe

Through the close partnership with Messianic Jewish congregations we’ve planted and support in Ethiopia and Zimbabwe, we learn of more Jewish communities in those nations every year. We move forward, conducting scouting trips, meeting with Jewish elders and, as the Lord leads, planning Outreaches to bring the most needed humanitarian aid and the Good News of the Messiah to these new locations.

Moving Forward into New Countries

Unreached Jewish communities exist all over the world. God has given us the vision to ensure each one has the opportunity to hear and respond to the Gospel of the Messiah. This means being open to moving forward into the uncharted waters of countries that are new to us. We understand there will be different challenges and, most likely, new opposition and obstacles to overcome. We are committed to following where the Lord leads and remaining open to how He wants us to meet the needs of individual communities.

Moving Forward in Israel

There is tremendous resistance to the Gospel in Israel, and sharing it there requires patience and ongoing relationships. That’s why we support more than 75 ministries in the cities and neighborhoods of Israel that are there day in and day out, establishing trusted relationships as they meet practical needs and provide emotional support. As they live out the love of Jesus toward those they serve, hearts soften, and opportunities for sharing the Gospel open up. Moving forward in Israel means following the Lord’s lead regarding the more than $2 million we invest annually in supporting carefully vetted, like-minded ministries doing His work in Israel and worldwide.

Moving Forward in Response to Emergencies

After five decades of worldwide ministry, God has given Jewish Voice connections with people and Messianic ministries throughout the world. When the devastating war in Ukraine broke out, we provided additional support to congregations and ministries there. We traveled to Poland and Ukraine to ascertain how we could most help. As a result, we are supplying these ministries deep inside Ukraine with tangible and financial resources to serve the people who are flocking to them with urgent needs. We are doing the same for congregations caring for Ukrainian refugees in border countries.

A big reason we can respond so quickly to crises is our Shalom Partner monthly givers. Their ongoing support helps us both plan ahead and be ready to move forward with immediate aid when emergencies arise. (You can be a part of ensuring that Jewish people receive the urgent care they need during times of crisis. Become a Shalom Partner today.)

Moving Forward by Engaging the Church about Israel

Part of “seeing all Israel saved” involves engaging the body of Gentile Believers regarding God’s love for Israel and His faithfulness to His covenants with the Jewish people. As more Believers embrace this, prayers for Jewish people increase, support for Israel grows, and awareness about sharing the Gospel with Jewish people rises. Moving forward in engaging the Church means prayerfully and creatively serving Believers in meaningful and inspiring ways that foster a love for God’s Chosen People.

Moving Forward

God calls each of us forward in Him, whether individual Believers or ministry organizations. We pray that you are always moving forward in your relationship with the Lord and His purposes for your life. We’d love it if you prayed for us, too – we need the undergirding of prayer in all we do.

Judi Clarke
Staff Writer
Jewish Voice Ministries International

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