Violence erupts on the Temple Mount, and what it means

The Temple Mount is unlike any other holy site in the world …

And there’s no other place on the planet that holds more meaning and sacred significance to the Jewish people – at the base of which the Western Wall of the old Temple courtyard still stands.

The Temple Mount is where Abraham prepared to offer his son Isaac in obedience until – foreshadowing the eventual coming of Messiah – God stopped him and provided a substitute sacrifice.

One thousand years later, King David purchased the threshing floor of Araunah on this spot (see 2 Samuel 24:24) and designated it to be the site for the Temple that would become a permanent habitation for the presence of God among the Jewish people. 

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It is the site of the Second Temple that stood in Yeshua’s (Jesus’) day – where the promised Messiah walked, taught and worshiped.

Only the overwhelming force of invading armies has ever been able to drive the Jews from that rocky, sacred hill. And then, only temporarily.

The Babylonians, the Romans, the Crusaders, and finally the Muslim hoards have all tried. But each time, the Jewish people have been drawn back to their historic, God-granted place of origin.

For 4,000 years, Jerusalem in general and the Temple Mount in particular have served as the geographic focal point for the Jewish people.

Muslims fight for control of the Temple Mount

And today, tensions and conflict surrounding the Temple Mount are unlike any other time in history.

I shared earlier in June that Jewish visitors fell under attack when they were granted access to the Temple Mount to commemorate Jerusalem Day – celebrating God’s faithfulness in the Six Days War, when the Jewish people took back control of the Old City, reunifying Jerusalem.

Muslims rioted, throwing stones, chairs, anything they could get their hands on. Once police and Israeli forces dispersed the crowds, many Jewish people were able to enter and pray.

But this incident is just one of many. And the reality is, Muslims are intent on wresting complete control of the Temple Mount from the Jewish people.

In 1967, when the Jews won back the Old City, there was only one Mosque in the Temple Mount area. Today, there are five.

In fact, Muslim groups like the Palestinian Authority accuse the Jewish visitors of the Temple Mount as being “invaders” — and these groups are doing anything they can to prevent the Jewish people from worshiping at their most holy site.

Jewish visitors commemorating Tisha B’Av attacked by Muslims on the Temple Mount

Just last week, another violent protest erupted on the Temple Mount.

In honor of Tisha B’Av, the day of mourning when Jews commemorate the destruction of the First and Second Temples, Jewish visitors ascended the Temple Mount. And they were met with violence at the hands of Muslims.

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Four police officers and dozens of others were injured in the skirmish.

But nothing will keep the people of Israel from gathering on God’s holy mountain. Not those who refuse to acknowledge the Jewish Temples ever existed. Not those who claim Israel has no right to exist. And not those who will stop at nothing until Israel and her people have been destroyed.

Temple Mount: a signpost to end-time revival

Even now, with so much contention surrounding the Temple Mount, I sense God stirring the hearts of His people.

I believe the seasons ahead will be a massive time of God opening the eyes of the Jewish people to the truth that Yeshua is the promised Mashiach (Messiah)!

This may have been what Ezekiel foresaw when he prophetically wrote:

For on My holy mountain, the high mountain of Israel, declares the Sovereign LORD, there in the land all the people of Israel will serve Me, and there I will accept them (Ezekiel 20:40 NIV).

Such a movement could act as a holy spark that might possibly ignite one of the greatest revivals in human history – in Israel and throughout the Middle East.

And you could be a part of it all!

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