The Coming War Over Peace

November 09, 2018

With Tuesday’s mid-term elections behind us, many believe the Trump administration is turning its attention to unveiling a proposal for peace between Israel and the Palestinians. In fact, The Times of Israel reported in late October, “If U.S. President Donald Trump does not present his Israeli-Palestinian peace plan next month, France’s President Emmanuel Macron will issue a proposal of his own.” Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas seems to be indicating that he isn’t listen...

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Israel’s Greatest Enemy Nearing Collapse

July 06, 2018

‘While the government chants, “Death to Israel,” Iranian protestors are yelling, ‘Forget about Palestine, forget about Gaza, think about us!’ Protestors filled the streets of Iran for multiple days last week demanding their government stop funding terrorists and improve conditions inside Iran. That country’s economy is nearing collapse as a result of sanctions reinstated when the Trump administration prompted withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal. Iranians have had enough.

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Iran’s Syrian Sham Threatens Israel

June 08, 2018

Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad boldly lied in an interview last week on Russian TV, saying “We do not have Iranian troops” in Syria. “We never did,” he said, – despite conclusive proof to the contrary. Syria refuses to recognize Israel’s right to exist, as do a number of Arab states, and has warred against the country since Israel’s inception in 1948. The U.S. and Russia brokered a fragile peace between the two countries in 2016, but any hope for that peace was shattered as Syria’s civil w...

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'Disinformation Apocalypse' Targets Israel

May 25, 2018

If you listened to the United Nations – or to most any international media – you ”learned” that when 60,000 Palestinians charged the fence between Israel and Gaza last week, it was part of a peaceful protest. You would then further conclude that Israel had no need nor right to defend her border. Those who were actually there tell a very different story. Even the accounts of Hamas, the terrorist regime behind the border chaos, paint a more accurate picture than the “news” that was reported. ...

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Promise fulfilled! Rioters object.

May 18, 2018

President Trump kept his promise. The U.S. embassy move – or its first stage – is successfully completed. It was so exciting to be here with our Jewish Voice 2018 Israel Tour as it happened! But not everyone is pleased. Hamas incites 50,000 Gazans Ahead of Monday’s embassy opening, thousands of Gaza residents demonstrated against the move. The activities at the Gaza border quickly turned violent, and demonstrators burned the border gate and nearby electrical and power station...

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BREAKING NEWS: Witnessing first hand an attack on Israel

May 11, 2018

Just hours after midnight in Israel this morning, 20 rockets were fired at Israeli military bases by Iranian forces in southern Syria. The Times of Israel was among the first news outlets to report the attack. An army spokesperson said limited damage was caused to Israeli military bases, but there were no reports of Israeli casualties in the attack. Meanwhile, those of us on the Jewish Voice Israel Tour, spending the night in Tiberias at the Sea of Galilee, were treated to an unexpected li...

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Israel’s Increasing Military Threat From Iran

April 20, 2018

It’s hard to imagine things getting worse between Iran and Israel, but they did. Last week, in fact. Let’s step back and remember how we got where we are. Before Iran dubbed Israel “The Little Satan,” the country shared a friendly relationship with Israel. Iran was the first Islam-majority nation to recognize Israel. Iran and Israel developed military technology together. But that was in the 1950s, when pro-Western leadership ruled Iran. Things slid downhill after the 1979 Iranian Revo...

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