We want to remind you to pray for our Mberengwa, Zimbabwe, Outreach, concluding soon. But first, we have some amazing praises from our Gambela, Ethiopia, Outreach from a few weeks ago. 

There are so many stories of how the Lord was active and present in Gambela, and we thank you for your prayers that contributed significantly. Let’s truly lift our praises to the Lord! He has done great and unexpected things (Jeremiah 33:3). 


  • Messianic leaders and groups from three different regions of Ethiopia worked together to facilitate the Gambela Outreach. What a testimony of the unity of the Spirit that bore much fruit
  • Pray that the Messianic Jewish Believers and congregations in Ethiopia continue to work together in unity to support Gospel efforts in areas beyond their own
  • Based on previous Outreaches in Ethiopia, we saw a high number of supernatural healings in Gambela
  • We are in awe of what God can do! Continue to pray with us for greater signs and wonders to accompany the Word in this way during our Outreaches
  • Our team had exceptional favor in the location. In fact, a high-ranking regional official, who is originally from Gambela, came and did a positive television interview about the Medical Outreach, standing in front of the prayer tent – and the interview aired on national television
  • We served over 12,000 patients. We have not served that many during one Outreach since before COVID-19
  • We were allowed to have the prayer tent onsite with the Medical Clinic, this has not been the case in Ethiopia for several years, and we pray it is a sign of good things to come
  • Daily worship and prayer for the Outreach team were also allowed at the Clinic site. Children looked on from outside, having climbed trees to see where the joyful sounds were coming from each morning
  • There were many salvations, and six new Believers wanted to be immersed right away. Usually, we have not been able to do immersions in Ethiopia, and this was a glorious exception that we pray will rewrite the script of what happens in that nation. The six, along with dozens of others who joined to witness and celebrate, walked on foot down to the river for the immersion service. Afterward, the whole group returned together, walking through the streets and singing God’s praises
  • The Lord is so good at doing exceedingly abundantly more than we ask or think. Let’s praise Him some more!

How glorious all this good news from the Gambela Outreach is! May it encourage us to pray rear-guard prayers for the Mberengwa, Zimbabwe Outreach, concluding soon.  Please pray especially for effective follow-up efforts in the coming weeks and months. May the Gospel witness that has been nurtured in Mberegwa since the first Jewish Voice Medical Outreach there 10 years ago grow and grow!

If you missed our Mberengwa Daily Prayer Points, you can review them here and continue to pray. 

Let's Pray: 

Lord, Your Word says in Psalm 67:3, “Let the peoples praise You, let all the peoples praise You!” We joined the people in Gambela in praising You, and we continue to do so. May the Kingdom of Light increasingly advance as Your praises spread and more and more people come to know You. We thank You for all You did in Ethiopia and continue praying for Jewish people to know You in Zimbabwe, throughout Africa, and beyond. May all the peoples praise You! In Jesus’ name, AMEN.

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