He is worthy of our worship and attention!

April 16, 2019

Pray with us – because He is worthy! Leading up to Pesach (Passover), during the week of April 15–19, the staff of Jewish Voice will have a special week of focusing on the Lord through worship, prayer, and fasting. We will have corporate times of intercession for the places we go, the people we minister to, our fellow team members, and for you, our dear partners. Our theme for the week is “He is Worthy.” And He is! He is worthy of our worship and attention, and of all our efforts to bring...

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The impact of Israel's historic election

April 12, 2019

Tuesday’s general election has given Benjamin Netanyahu the distinction of becoming Israel’s longest-serving prime minister, according to media reports on Wednesday. Netanyahu is Israel’s ninth prime minister and leader of the Likud party. He is now set to serve his fifth term. He is the only prime minister in Israel's history to be elected four times in a row. He has served the last 10 consecutive years, and previously served three years in the 1990s. This surpasses the previous record of ...

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URGENT: Iran Has Israel Surrounded

April 05, 2019

Not since 2014 have so many sirens terrified the Israeli communities that border the Gaza Strip. Last week’s “accidental” missile launch from Gaza – while horrific and tragic for the seven people who were injured – was a symptom of a bigger problem. Iran has Israel surrounded ‒ and its leaders are obsessed with eliminating Israel. Iran is ‘On Israel’s Doorstep’ The Trumpet recently reported, “Iran has exploited the conflict in Iraq, the civil war in Syria and the political strife in Leb...

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Scattered and targeted for destruction

April 02, 2019

Hilina’s* tragic story will shock you. It begins with her scars. The flames have left their mark all along her right side. It was only by God’s grace that she escaped with her life. No one even remembers anymore why the mob was so angry. The reason was probably trivial. But Hilina was an easy target. They surrounded her house. And then, they set it on fire — All because she is a member of the Beta Israel, or House of Israel, a descendant of one of the “Lost Tribes of Israel.” Because, t...

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Prayer for Israel – April

April 01, 2019

April 1‒7 Prayer for Israel Israel’s Children Children are among the most vulnerable in any society, and we know that they are precious to God. Lord, we lift up Israel’s children to You and ask that You watch over them. Protect them – body, mind and heart. Keep them from violence and abuse, hunger and homelessness. Guard them against the temptations of this world. Keep them free from falling prey to harmful activities and associations. Provide the nurturing that each one needs. Ma...

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Has God Raised Up a Modern-Day Esther?

March 29, 2019

During his visit to the Middle East last week, U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo met with Chief Political Analyst David Brody and Middle East Bureau Chief Chris Mitchell of the Christian Broadcast Network (CBN) in Jerusalem. The interview occurred soon after The Times of Israel reported Pompeo’s visit to Jerusalem’s Western Wall as “the first time a U.S. secretary of state visited Jerusalem’s contested Old City accompanied by a senior Israeli official.” That senior Israeli official was Prim...

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Urgent: Prayers needed for the Zimbabwe Medical Outreach

March 28, 2019

Prayers Needed NOW! Your prayers are urgently needed! Although we’ve been to Masvingo, Zimbabwe, twice – and to the country numerous times – we have never held an Outreach there amid the challenges of their current social and economic conditions. The recent cyclone hitting Zimbabwe has added to the great needs of the people there. As you receive this email, our staff team is already in Zimbabwe, and Outreach Partners are beginning the series of flights that will bring them there. Everyone ...

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Open Doors to Change Lives

March 28, 2019

Open Doors to Change Lives Our theme for 2019 is Open Doors. God is opening doors and providing many new and exciting opportunities to change the lives of His people through medical aid and spiritual care. We need volunteers like you to come alongside us and partner in bringing the love of Yeshua to thousands of Jewish people and their neighbors. During our first medical outreach of 2019 in Ethiopia, we saw 17,787 lives changed in less than a week. God is moving among His people and you ca...

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Zimbabwe’s cyclone devastation: How you can help

March 26, 2019

Last week, Cyclone Idai slammed into eastern Zimbabwe killing at least 31 people and devastating homes and communities. As you read this, our staff team is right in the middle of the crisis preparing for our first Zimbabwe Medical Outreach of the year, from March 28‒April 8. Although we’ve been to Masvingo, Zimbabwe, twice – and to the country numerous times – we have never held an Outreach there amid the challenges of a natural disaster on top of the existing social and economic condition...

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Iran flexes its muscles in Israel’s face

March 22, 2019

Despite the economic damage caused by re-imposed US sanctions on its oil sector, Iran has made significant steps toward a threat made in January to switch strategies from defense to offense regarding its long-term goal of destroying Israel. Three recent developments reveal this new strategy: a drone operation, a new missile plant in Syria and deploying an armed flotilla. ‘Way to Jerusalem’ Drone Operation Last week, Iran’s Defense Ministry announced it had successfully completed a drone...

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