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Scott Volk is a Messianic Jew who came to faith in 1975. After graduating from North Central University in Minneapolis in 1988, Scott has served in various pastoral capacities in Arizona, Florida, and North Carolina. After more than 20 years in pastoral ministry, Scott founded Together For Israel, a non-profit ministry that exists to partner with the Church for the salvation of Israel (Romans 11:26).

We Stand With Israel. Who Is With Us?

January 14, 2021

God's Heart for Israel

January 04, 2019
The story of the Lord and Israel is a love story. It is often marked by sin and tragedy, broken covenant and judgment – but it is still a love story. As told by Ezekiel, the narrative begins when a great King finds a poor, orphaned girl. He rescues her, cares for her, and clothes her in royal garments. Adorned with glory, her true beauty shines, and the King falls in love with her. He marries her and makes her His queen.

Standing With God for the Salvation of Israel

June 19, 2018

Israel Holds the Key to World Redemption

December 08, 2017
In a day and age when Israel is being increasingly delegitimized in the press, in politics, and even in the pulpit, God is looking for a people who will carry His heart for Israel. In this short article, I want to give you five rock-solid, biblical reasons why every Believer should stand with Israel. When I say “stand with Israel,” I’m not speaking from a political perspective, but rather from a biblical perspective. If you look at Israel through a political lens, you’ll end up hating Arabs or Jews—or both! But if you look at Israel through a biblical lens, you’ll end up loving both Arabs and Jews.
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