Uncertainty in the Middle East, Featuring Erick Stakelbeck
Guest: Erick Stakelbeck

Jonathan talks with one of the most prominent experts on the Middle East conflict: Erick Stakelbeck. Erick is an author, teacher and host of the Christians United for Israel program, “The Watchman.” Hear the remarkable ways God is working through the small but influential country of Israel during these unprecedented times. Discover how the events unfolding right now in the Middle East will affect everyone – no matter where they live – and how they relate to the Bible’s prophecies. You’ll hear how Israel is partnering with the U.S. during the global COVID-19 pandemic and learn examples of their ground-breaking medical research and innovation. You’ll get an inside look at how the Israeli military has adapted to address both health and military concerns amid alarming, escalated security threats. And you’ll hear an update on one of the biggest threats coming out of the Middle East today. Plus, Jonathan shares keys to calming stress and managing worry during these unpredictable times.

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