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Drawing Near: Why Pray?

by Paula Walberer
June 09, 2022

How do you see prayer? Among other things, prayer for me is an inclination of my heart that puts me in touch with the God of the universe, Creator of Heaven and Earth. He is truly beyond our comprehension, yet He has made Himself known to us through Yeshua (Jesus). Prayer is one of the main ways He invites us to draw near, and by the Ruach HaKodesh, the Holy Spirit, we are able to experience Him. We sense His presence and receive reassurance that He is with us, that He is listening, and that He truly loves us.

Judaism sees prayer as a mitzvah, something good or benevolent done at the command of God as a spiritual responsibility. There is great truth in that because in Scripture we are encouraged, exhorted, and even flat out told to pray. However, apart from an awareness of the Lord as one who desires to commune and fellowship with us, we may see prayer as a duty rather than a delight. How awe-inspiring to embrace the wonder that at the center of our obediently praying, at the core of our faithfully interceding, is the object of our hope and affection – God Himself.

We so often think of prayer in connection with the phrase, “pray for.” What if we approached times of prayer with the attitude of “praying with” not just praying for people and things? What if, rather than just praying to God, like we’re sending a message off to Him in a faraway place, we see ourselves praying with Him because we see the Lord as actively present with us, as our guide and companion in prayer? What if we saw His Spirit as the One giving breath to the prayers the Lord stirs in us?

Those are familiar concepts, and yet I wonder how many of us may feel the need for a fresh revelation of Him in our prayer life. Not to pray longer, or louder, or faster, but to pray deeper. To grow into an even deeper appreciation and intimacy with the Lord through prayer. If you are sensing that desire, know that you are being drawn. You are being wooed by Him.

Focus on the Lord in prayer as the One who knows you best and loves you most. Partner with Him by allowing His Spirit to pray prayers through you that will bring His kingdom to come on Earth. Keep the eyes of Your heart wide open in prayer so you can see Him and know Him better. As you choose to make Him your focus in prayer, you will be energized and enriched, and quite possibly amazed.

Lord, reignite my prayer life. Help me see You once again as my first love and enable me to know You as never before. Fill me with joy at the adventure of being with You, and partnering with You, through prayer. May I never lose the sense of nearness and awe that is available to me as I sit in Your presence, call on Your Name, pour out my heart, and listen to Your voice. In Jesus’ name, AMEN.

If you would like the encouragement of being with God in prayer along with others, be sure to watch for email invitations to upcoming Jewish Voice prayer meetings on Zoom and by phone. You can also look for more opportunities on our prayer page. In addition, you can also join us this summer for Moving Forward – 55 Days of Prayer. Signing up is easy and can be done online as well. We love to be with God and you in prayer!

Paula Walberer
Prayer Coordinator
Jewish Voice Ministries International

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