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Putting Feet to Your Heart: Practical Ways Believers Can Support the Jewish People

by Judi Clarke
March 07, 2022

So, you love the Jewish people and Israel. Your heart is in tune with God’s about His unending love for them, and you want to be a positive influence in the world concerning the subject. You want to help inspire other Believers who are perhaps disinterested but may wonder how to show it or inspire others toward aligning their hearts with Gods’ regarding His Chosen People.

In the Winter 2021 issue of The Jewish Voice Messenger, we discussed what it means to “bless Israel.” We saw that dictionary definitions of the word “bless” include praying for, speaking well of, and bestowing prosperity on.


Since prayer is the most powerful means of supporting Israel and the Jewish people, we can’t say enough about it. Here are some ideas to inspire and motivate your prayers.

  • Do you drive by a local synagogue? Pray for its members and that God would protect their congregation from all acts of anti-Semitism, particularly acts of violence
  • Pray each weekday for Jewish people on a different continent, or create another system to pray topically according to the days of the week
  • Pray the Scriptures for Jewish people. You can use the Jewish Voice Prayer Guides as well as pray according to your current Bible reading
  • Sign up to pray regularly at the Jewish Voice 24/7 Prayer Watch calendar
  • Pray every Friday at sunset for Jewish people as they begin their Shabbat by lighting candles, saying prayers, and breaking bread
  • Pray for the “Lost Tribes of Israel” living in remote places around the world, isolated from mainstream Judaism, often living in poverty, and discriminated against
  • Throughout the year, take time in your worship service and small groups to pray for Israel and the Jewish people
  • And most importantly, pray for an openness to the Gospel, spreading to all Israel and the Jewish people

Speak Well

As much as we wish otherwise, anti-Semitism remains alive and active worldwide and is increasing. Here are a few ideas, falling into specific categories, to help equip you to add a positive voice in your corner of the world regarding Israel and the Jewish people.

Stay Informed

  • When it comes to the State of Israel, there is a lot of misinformation feeding passionate opinions. Keep up with news about Israel and the activities of her neighbors toward her. It will help you engage well with others who may have reached misguided conclusions or have a bias against Israel
  • Understand what Replacement Theology is and be able to identify its various expressions, being ready to scripturally refute it – in love – when the opportunity occurs
  • Listen to the A Jew and A Gentile Discuss podcast at to gain a better understanding of Jewish life and thought, and encourage others to listen as well


  • Speak out against anti-Semitism when you can, bringing awareness to its unfortunate existence to those in your circles of acquaintance
  • Let your elected officials know it’s important to you that your country stands with Israel and takes a strong stance against anti-Semitism as well as anti-Israel bias in the United Nations, media, and world
  • Keep a Scripture list about God’s love for Israel and the Jewish people in your Bible (purse or wallet) for when conversations arise
  • Offer to lead a Bible study session or Sunday School class about God’s ongoing love for Israel and Believers’ biblical call to align with His heart for the Jewish people
  • Let everyday items speak for you. Useful and uplifting resources in the Jewish Voice online store can be great conversation starters or inspire others without knowing it. (For example, the I Stand with Israel car magnet and various Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem articles.)


  • Participate in Jewish Voice’s Bless Israel Virtual 5K, get others to join you and share about it on your social media pages
  • Join us on social media by following our pages on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram 
  • Consider participating in a JVMI Outreach, ministering “to the Jew first and also to the nations”


  • Invite a JVMI Speaker to your congregation, home group, conference or Bible study
  • Help organize a Bless Israel-themed event at your church, small group, Bible study, or Sunday School class
  • Share your biblical support for Israel on social media accounts, in conversations, and using various resources you can find at to encourage others to a love for God’s Chosen People

Bestow Prosperity

It’s no surprise that part of supporting Jewish people worldwide includes charitable giving. If an organization helping Jewish people does not share the Gospel of Messiah Jesus, they are leaving out the most important aid of all – the one that has eternal ramifications. The Gospel is essential to the concept of blessing Israel. There is no means for anyone – Jewish or Gentile – to be saved apart from Jesus the Messiah (Acts 4:12). Ensure that whatever ministry to Jewish people you support makes sharing the Gospel with Jewish people a priority. Jewish Voice Ministries does just that, and your gifts help meet both practical and spiritual needs of Jewish people around the world. With the Gospel in mind as you give, here are some ways you can give.

  • Buy Lost Tribes Coffee Co. coffee. It’s delicious Ethiopian coffee, and proceeds help fund the work of Jewish Voice Ministries among the “Lost Tribes of Israel” in Ethiopia and elsewhere
  • Get creative about making room in your budget for giving to help Jewish people in need. You could give up one fancy beverage (or a lunch out) per week and donate your savings
  • Select Jewish Voice as your charity of choice on Amazon Smile. Amazon will donate a percentage of your purchases to Jewish Voice when you log in with Amazon Smile.
  • Get sponsors for your Bless Israel Virtual 5K Walk or Run and multiply the blessings your participation will give
  • Become a Shalom Partner with a monthly gift to Jewish Voice of $30 or more
  • Leave a legacy gift to Jewish Voice
  • Give non-cash assets or Required Minimum Disbursement retirement funds directly to Jewish Voice, and you may also receive tax benefits

However, you choose to express your love for Israel and the Jewish people, you can know that you are touching a people precious to God when you do.

“Since you were precious in My sight, you have been honored, And I have loved you….”
Isaiah 43:4

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