Science Again Proves the Biblical Narrative?

March 16, 2018

Archeologists believe they may have found conclusive scientific evidence of the prophet Isaiah. A close advisor to the Judean King Hezekiah, Isaiah prophesied the coming of the Messiah in great detail. “We appear to have discovered a seal impression, which may have belonged to the prophet Isaiah, in a scientific, archaeological excavation,” said third-generation archeologist Dr. Eilat Mazar of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

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6 Reasons Why Passover is So Important

March 15, 2018

Passover is the second most important holy day of the Jewish year. Jewish families gather for a ritual meal called a Seder (SAY-dur), during which specific elements recount the history of Israel and retell the story of God’s dramatic deliverance of their ancestors. 1. God delivered the Jewish people from 400 years of slavery Four hundred years before the Passover, God saved the Jewish people from a deadly famine by bringing them to Egypt, the only nation prepared with storehouses of f...

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We are so Blessed and Energized by your Prayers

March 15, 2018

We are so blessed and energized by your prayers. They provide the spiritual covering that enables us to see breakthroughs. We count on your prayers and are so grateful for you. Over the next two weeks, we have two significant events and requests. Thank you for standing with us and trusting God for much more than we can do on our own! Debre Birhan, Ethiopia Medical Outreach March 15-25 We are praying for the Light of the World, Yeshua, to shine the light of His hope in Debre Birhan. Thanks...

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Your gifts and talents are needed in Enfranz, Ethiopia

March 12, 2018

Time is running out to use your gifts and talents to help transform the lives of Jewish people in Enfranz, Ethiopia. Jewish Voice's weeklong Medical Outreaches provide medical aid and spiritual care to thousands of people in poverty-stricken African Jewish communities. The only time many of these people will see a medical professional all year will be during our Outreach Clinics. You could be a part of bringing critical medical care to these suffering people, as well as the life-changing G...

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Is Poland's New Anti-Defamation Law Anti-Semitic?

March 09, 2018

Jewish people across the globe are calling foul on a new law enacted by Poland in February, which many link to anti-Semitic Holocaust denial. Passed in January by Poland’s conservative ruling party, the legislation criminalizes the use of such phrases as “Polish death camps,” referring to the brutal facilities in Poland where the Nazis exterminated millions of Jewish people as well as non-Jewish Poles during Germany’s World War II occupation, from 1939 until 1945. The law stipulates stiff fin...

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Witness a prophetic moment in history firsthand

March 07, 2018

As long as in the heart within, The Jewish soul yearns, And toward the eastern edges, onward, An eye gazes toward Zion. Our hope is not yet lost, The hope that is 2,000 years old To be a free nation in our land, In the Land of Zion, Jerusalem. (Hatikvah, the Israeli National Anthem) Invitations – 350 of them – had been sent out. Under the strain of neighboring hostility, it was supposed to be a secret gathering at a Tel Aviv museum. But word had spread, and crowds gathered outside, si...

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The Hezbollah-Iran-Syriia Triad

March 02, 2018

If you were living in Israel and traveled one of her northern highways in February, you might have witnessed convoys of missile-defense batteries headed toward Lebanon. In the seconds that followed, you may have flashed back to the disturbing sounds of tunneling activity under your hometown and cringed at the terror attacks you know to radiate from those tunnels. Would you fear war was imminent? Could you protect your loved ones? Indeed, the drumbeats of war are rumbling louder, and Isr...

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Happy Purim!

February 28, 2018

Rejoice! He is my lovingkindness, my fortress, my strong tower, and my deliverer. – Psalm 144:2 TLV In ancient days, God prepared the way to rescue the Jewish people from annihilation when He elevated Esther, a young Jewish maiden living under foreign rule, to royal status “for such a time as this.” At Purim, we rejoice in the God of deliverance! Wishing you great joy at Purim As we celebrate God’s faithfulness to deliver His people at Purim, we also Thank Him for His grace and p...

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Debre Birhan Outreach Prayer Points

February 27, 2018

When we went to Debre Birhan, Ethiopia, for the first time last year, the cry of our hearts was "Light of Messiah, shine in Debre Birhan!" Thanks to your faithful prayers, we experienced a beautiful example of that when a young blind man, Meseret, received spiritual revelation and accepted Yeshua as Savior. In this region of spiritual darkness, each one who receives the Lord is adding to the light God is shedding across the whole area. Will you pray with us for this Outreach? Please join us i...

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