12-Step Program for Middle East Peace?

June 01, 2018

Still reeling from Israel’s successful strikes on its Syrian bases, Iran faces important decisions about its nuclear program. Last week, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo outlined 12 steps Iran must take before the U.S. would enter into a new nuclear deal with the country. The same steps are necessary, Pompeo said, to avoid what he called “the strongest sanctions in history when we are complete.” During his speech at the Heritage Foundation, Pompeo called out Iran for a long list of “malign a...

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Persecution in Enfranz, Ethiopia

May 30, 2018

Opening day of the Jewish Voice Ministries (JVMI) Enfranz, Ethiopia, Medical Clinic saw an estimated 3,000‒4,000 people in line. We opened for a half-day on Sunday after spending the morning finishing the Clinic set-up. We were able to treat about 500 people in the short, first day.

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'Disinformation Apocalypse' Targets Israel

May 25, 2018

If you listened to the United Nations – or to most any international media – you ”learned” that when 60,000 Palestinians charged the fence between Israel and Gaza last week, it was part of a peaceful protest. You would then further conclude that Israel had no need nor right to defend her border. Those who were actually there tell a very different story. Even the accounts of Hamas, the terrorist regime behind the border chaos, paint a more accurate picture than the “news” that was reported. ...

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Our Ethiopia Medical Outreach needs your prayers

May 22, 2018

As you receive this email, our Enfranz, Ethiopia, Medical Outreach is about to begin. There are a number of firsts associated with this trip. It’s our first time in Enfranz; we’ll be camping – which is unusual for our Ethiopia Outreaches; we’ll be housed in two separate campsites. Creating two campsites will ensure that the needs of our very large group of Outreach staff and partners are met most efficiently. Also at the Enfranz Outreach, we’ll introduce the Zehra Kids Program in Ethiopia for...

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A Joyous Shavuot to You!

May 19, 2018

God gave us the Torah, His Word and instruction, on Shavuot in the wilderness. God put His law in our hearts when He gave us the Holy Spirit on Shavuot after Yeshua’s death. May you be filled with the wonder of His Word and the power of His presence this Shavuot. Chag Sameach! • Joyous Holiday! Click here to learn the history and importance of Shavuot. Think you know Shavuot? Take our fun quiz.

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Promise fulfilled! Rioters object.

May 18, 2018

President Trump kept his promise. The U.S. embassy move – or its first stage – is successfully completed. It was so exciting to be here with our Jewish Voice 2018 Israel Tour as it happened! But not everyone is pleased. Hamas incites 50,000 Gazans Ahead of Monday’s embassy opening, thousands of Gaza residents demonstrated against the move. The activities at the Gaza border quickly turned violent, and demonstrators burned the border gate and nearby electrical and power station...

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To Life: How Israeli Volunteers Are Changing the World

May 17, 2018

In celebration of Israel’s 70th anniversary, CBN Documentaries presents To Life: How Israeli Volunteers Are Changing the World. To Life is an inspiring look at five Israeli organizations dedicated to helping people across the globe. In keeping with the Jewish tradition of tikkun olam (“repairing the world”), Israel has quietly been at the forefront of humanitarian and disaster relief work since the 1950s, when their nation was only a few years old. Since then, the Jewish state has provided...

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They hoped for a miracle and Jesus didn't disappoint

May 17, 2018

It truly was a miracle! During our recent Medical Clinic in Woliso, Ethiopia, a man brought his teenage daughter for care. She had suffered from seizures throughout her young life. Unfortunately, the medicine that might have helped her is not something we have on hand at our Clinics. So she and her father turned to our prayer tent, where we prayed for them and shared Yeshua (Jesus). Both responded by giving their lives to the Lord! Afterward, they started the long, 28-mile walk bac...

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Help Transform Lives in Zimbabwe!

May 16, 2018

Our weeklong Medical Outreaches provide medical aid and spiritual care to thousands of people in rural African Jewish communities. Due to limited health care access in these communities, often our Medical Clinics provide the only opportunity for people to be treated by a medical practitioner all year. For our July Medical Outreach we are returning to our flagship location among the Lemba in Mberengwa, Zimbabwe (July 19–30). This community experiences some of the most severe medical needs we...

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God’s Gifts at Shavuot

May 14, 2018

Shavuot (SHAH-voo-ote) is the last of the Spring Feasts. It was one of three pilgrimage Feasts of the Jewish year when all physically able Jewish men were to bring to Jerusalem the first of their harvest as an offering to the Lord. Along with the harvest offering, Shavuot observance also included a Sabbath in which no work was to be done, a holy gathering of the people and sacrifices. It is also a time when Jewish people commemorate God giving the Torah (TORE-ah) to His people. The Torah cons...

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