Two great reasons to visit Israel with us…

The Dead Sea

  • Relax on the beach that’s more than 1,300 feet below sea level, the lowest point of dry land on Earth

  • Float on the salty water that won’t let you sink
  • Enjoy the acclaimed medicinal and beauty benefits of its mineral rich mud


  • Marvel at the fortress symbolizing the determination of the Jewish people to live freely in the Land God gave them and die rather than become slaves of the Roman Empire
  • Take in the stunning panoramic view of the Dead Sea far below
  • Enjoy an exciting ride in the cable car that runs from the tourist center at the feet of Masada to the top

Join us for these and many other inspiring stops on the Jewish Voice Ministries Celebrate Israel 2019 Tour | May 27‒June 6, 2019

“A highlight of my trip to Israel was hearing about the bravery and sacrifice of the Jewish people at Masada and seeing the beautiful Judean desert and Dead Sea below.”


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