Support the work of Jewish Voice Ministries International with a one-time or recurring gift and reach the Jewish People around the world with help, healing and Good News of the Messiah of Israel!

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Monthly givers are a faithful group of people who demonstrate Yeshua's love through their generosity and support the work of Jewish Voice with regular monthly giving. Their monthly commitment enables us to plan outreaches ahead of time, respond quickly when emergencies arise, and to very effectively steward God's resources in a way that maximizes their kingdom impact.

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Holocaust Survivors

With your generous contribution, you will be a part of restoring their stolen dignity and letting them know they are not forgotten. Together we can bring them the comfort they deserve. With your partnership, we can provide them with eyeglasses and dental care, two significant needs that are currently going unmet.

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Planned Giving

The Abraham Promise Fund is a special fund for partners who decide to leave a legacy through Jewish Voice. This legacy ensures greater financial security for Jewish Voice and helps us continue to give clean water, humanitarian aid, and the Good News of Yeshua to hurting Jewish People around the globe.

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