Will you partner with us again as we continue our outreach efforts?

February 28, 2020

Our first Medical Outreach of the year begins in just a few days! We will be ministering in Enewari, Ethiopia, from March 5-15. I hope you will join me in praying for many bodies and hearts to be healed in the name of Jesus. I also hope you will prayerfully consider the request I’m about to share with you — the timing is perfect with this first Outreach of 2020 about to begin. Thanks to the prayers and support of caring partners like you, our Medical Outreaches have grown. Last year, we pr...

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No child should ever have to make this choice

January 28, 2020

Her name is Eldana. It means “knowledge of God.” She’s 3 years old — a precious child. As a member of Ethiopia’s ancient Gefat community, she’s a tiny, fragile member of a group descended from one of the “Lost Tribes of Israel” that has for centuries practiced distinctively Jewish customs and traditions. To God and Eldana’s family, the worth of her life and health is beyond calculation. But in truth, all it takes is $15, just pennies a day, to help save the life of a child like Eldana. ...

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There’s an exciting trip in March that needs you on the roster!

January 14, 2020

Enewari is a rural, farming community where medical care is scarce and too costly for many of the impoverished people living there. They have nothing to give but their gratitude, but you’ll receive so much more when you offer your skills to help them. “I just thought it would be harder than it is. I get tired, but when I come back at the end of each day, Jewish Voice has thought about everything. They serve me as I serve.” —Viviane, Surgeon You Are Needed: Physicians Dermato...

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Look at what God did in 2019!

December 26, 2019

Through God’s provision, more than 91,000 people received physical healing and spiritual hope this year through the Outreaches of Jewish Voice Ministries International. These are individual people with real needs that God met through the work He has called us to do. And we are grateful to Him.Here are a few highlights of what God did in 2019: In Ambo Meda, Ethiopia, by God’s grace, He enabled us to treat more patients in a five-day Medical Clinic than we ever had before, changing 17,878 lives...

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A Priceless Gift

August 21, 2019

She was fine for the first three months of her life. But at six months, the baby started showing signs that something wasn’t right. By 18 months, it was clear to everyone that something was wrong with the little girl from Kechene in Ethiopia. Her father thought she was cursed. So, he left, washing his hands of any responsibility to love or care for the girl and her mother. Desperately poor after he abandoned them, the mother had no choice but to seek work in the greater Addis Ababa area, of ...

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A Private Miracle

July 09, 2019

Life in rural Zimbabwe requires hard work. Hands-and-knees gardening, fetching the day’s water supply, and washing clothes while bent over a portable tub in the yard ‒ or a rock at the stream ‒ are part of the household regiment. It’s a physical life demanding vigor and health, which is often a challenge when you need a doctor but can’t afford to see one or there aren’t any in your area to see. So, what do you do when you have a knee injury that hurts so badly you can’t do these chores? Well,...

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