Beware: Your Facebook Activities Can Promote Anti-Semitism

April 27, 2018

Did you fall victim to the Facebook personality quiz billed as research for Britain’s Cambridge Analytica? If you did, you aren’t alone. Some 300,000 people took the quiz and unwittingly agreed to give not only their private data to Cambridge Analytica, but also the private data of their Facebook friends. The breach impacted 50 million Facebook users. The violation allowed Cambridge Analytica to create psychological profiles to predict way too much about users. Among them were disturbing t...

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You Can Be a Chanukah Hero

December 05, 2017

I’ve always loved heroes. That’s perhaps why Chanukah is my favorite time of the year. Chanukah is the season when we celebrate how, centuries ago, God’s people were willing to make enormous sacrifices – to fight against great odds – and do what’s right. They became heroes through their obedience to God. I’m sure you know the story … Alexander the Great conquered most of the known world but died without an heir, so his massive new empire (which included Judea) was divided among hi...

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Chief Barcelona rabbi declares Europe "lost"

August 25, 2017

Barcelona’s chief rabbi warned that the Jewish community in his city is “doomed” because Spanish authorities do not want to confront radical Islam. Rabbi Meir Bar-Hen was quoted in The Times of Israel last week, a day after Thursday’s deadly car-ramming attack in his city. He urged Jews to leave Spain, which he called a major hub for terrorist activity in Europe. In what was apparently a coordinated attack, 15 victims were killed in Barcelona and the resort town of Cambrils, 75 miles south...

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Stand with Jewish Voice today

August 18, 2017

President Donald Trump said late last week that Iran is not complying with the terms of the landmark 2015 nuclear agreement signed by the U.S. and five other countries. Quoted in The Times of Israel, the President said, “They are not in compliance with the agreement and they certainly are not in the spirit of the agreement...” The President has been signaling for weeks that he would like to declare Tehran in violation of the terms of the accord. The New York Times reported in late July tha...

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When will it end?

July 28, 2017

More tension at the Temple Mount . . . NBC News reported online early this week that an attack on an Israeli security guard at Israel’s embassy in Amman, Jordan, could be an indication that more violence is coming. The guard was attacked at Israel’s embassy in Jordan by a delivery worker who was then fatally shot by the guard. A second Jordanian man was apparently hit in the cross fire and later died of his injuries. Although the guard carries diplomatic immunity, Jordan officials declared...

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