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Give the gift of encouragement

November 20, 2020
Little did we at Jewish Voice know, when we began a blog series to offer hope and encouragement in the midst of the lockdown efforts to curb the virus, that things would last long enough to extend the series to nine weeks. 

HOPE in the Midst of Unprecedented Times

October 19, 2020

Taking Hope with us Every Day

May 31, 2020
For the past nine weeks, as the coronavirus upended the world with fear, stay-at-home mandates, financial loss and isolation, we’ve turned to Scripture for the hope we each need to endure rough times.

Future Glory | Day 7

May 25, 2020
What do we do when what we hoped for in the way we expected it doesn’t happen? Did God's promises to us fail? Does the crush of unmet expectations and snuffed out hope mean that God cannot be trusted or that His promises are no longer true? Of course not!

A Prepared Heart | Day 6

May 25, 2020
Once we learn His Word, He'll empower us to do His Word. Once we do His Word, we'll be able to teach it, and by the very act of teaching His Word we'll learn more about His Word and how to do it. This is a cycle worth repeating!

A Renewed Covenant | Day 5

May 25, 2020
The words God gave to His prophets often told about events in the current time, near future and a time even further in the future. They are always pointing us forward, but what were they pointing us forward to?

Shavuot, A Musical Interlude | Day 4

May 25, 2020

The Stirring Begins | Day 2

May 25, 2020
Ancient Israel had a hope: to return to the Land God had promised to give her. Yet, she had been in exile in Babylon for so long that I’m sure the hope of many began to wane, if not completely disappear.

Ezra-Nehemiah: In 3-Part Harmony | Day 1

May 25, 2020
Our God is the Master Composer. The intricacies He has purposefully arranged on His grand scale of time are often indistinguishable to the human ear, unless we strain to hear. As we journey through the story of Ezra-Nehemiah in the days ahead, listen in for a pattern, a 3-part harmony, as God composes another movement in His song through the mouths of His prophets. See if you can make out the sounds.

Get Dressed, Even If You Have Nowhere to Go | Day 6

May 23, 2020
Working from home is one of the biggest changes to my life over the last few months. I’ve found that little things like stopping for my morning coffee, complaining about traffic, and listening to my favorite morning talk show bring me joy. One thing I don’t miss is picking out what I’m going to wear every day. I’m challenged when it comes to fashion ☹. Despite my struggle and even though I’m working from home; I still get dressed every day. The action helps me prepare my mind to work and I’m ready just in case something out of the ordinary happens.
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